Author Topic: anyone have verizon unlimited & wants to do something nice for a kid with needs?  (Read 262 times)

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Friend of mine has a kid going through some medical stuff, and has to sit for hours connected to medical equipment. He is desperate to find some kind of kosher entertainment for a teenage boy, and he came across discovery plus which has lots of cooking shows which his kid loves. (yes I am aware that we could debate how kosher that is, but I am not here to do that. I am pretty sure he consulted with his rav anyway concerning his unique situation.)

He is really trying to pinch every penny right now, and it happens to be that Discovery plus is completely free for anybody with Verizon Unlimited. If there is someone who has an account that they don't mind giving someone else a log in to or if they are not using their Discovery plus free offer, I know for a fact he would appreciate it greatly.