Author Topic: Southern States Round Ohio to New Orleans in 2.5 Days  (Read 961 times)

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Southern States Round Ohio to New Orleans in 2.5 Days
« on: January 27, 2022, 10:16:29 PM »
I apologize no pictures. I wanted to get the ideas out there.  If I get a chance I will try to add pictures later.

As far as activities we did not do so much.
I will add some ideas of what we could have done, but did not done do.
Thanks again to the DDF for helping plan.

Leaving Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Note: Trip are a little unique. Goal was to hit all these states. Started Monday morning, Had a flight for MSY Wednesday afternoon.

Day 1:
Things we did not do:

Monmouth Caves National Park.
Other Caves tours.
Corvette Museum
Other Bourbon Brewery Tours
Checkout Bowling Green Tornado Damage.

Head to Nashville, TN. Gaylord Perry Opryland Hotel Resort.
Very Unique Place. Actually perfect place for date but its around 3 hours from Memphis and 4 for Cincinnati
Boat ride in Indoor River: 
Walk around Indoor Gardens

Head to Huntsville, AL
Stayed by Springhill Suites Huntsville, AL

Day 2:
Things we did not do:

Rocket Center - we did not do because better to save money and use money for Houston's Space Center
Other Unique things in Huntsville.
Hellen Keller Museum ( 2.5 hours from Huntsville)
Cave System 45 minutes - South East of Huntsville

We did do:
Unclaimed Baggage Center - pretty drive from Huntsville, headed in to mountains.
from there we went to the Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, AL

Headed to Gulfport, MS.
Stayed by New Holiday Inn Beach Gulfport, MS - nice hotel, check in in on the second floor and all the houses are built on stilts

Day 3:

We did not do:
WWII Museum
Other touristy things in NOL

We took the self guided "Katrina Tour" :)
Drove Scenic Route along the Highway 90 from MS to New Orleans.
Saw all the land Katrina flooded land, went over a bunch of nice cool/bridges.

Drove around the French quarters seemed creepy and weird.

Ended up the Hyatt Downtown, chilled over there for a bit, took the elevator to the top floor for the cool view of New Orleans, and the Superdome.
Then kind of by mistake/ kind of on purpose, went on the one of the longest bridges in the world, the bridge over lake Pontchartrain, the bridge has 7 crossovers and is around 23 miles long.

Kosher Cajun - nice little kosher supermarket, with a restaurant and Judaica. 

Flew out MSY.