Author Topic: VT, NH, and ME + Mount Washington vs. Pikes Peak, CO  (Read 2034 times)

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VT, NH, and ME + Mount Washington vs. Pikes Peak, CO
« on: July 06, 2022, 05:43:40 PM »
Just came back, doing a brain dump of what we did and ideas, so everyone can benefit, if I have a chance will try to post pictures.

Landed in Manchester, NH. ( Airport is an hour north of Boston), rented a car.
NH has no sales tax, so if you bring a car, stop by a walmart and stock up!
Headed to Vermont floating bridge - 2.5 hours away - not worth it, cool but they redid it and now its not really cool anymore.
Next headed Quechee State Park in Vermont, dubbed Grand Canyon of Vermont, really deep canyon, small hike towards the top of the canyon or the bottom of the canyon, it is really deep and cool and there is swimming at the bottom if that what your interested in.

Next booked originally at the Holiday Inn in North Conway, NH but passing through Lincoln, NH and switched our reservations to the Holiday Inn over there.
(Also there was  minyan as posted in the NH master thread- make sure to email for up to date info)

Next drove through the Franconia Notch state park and the rest of the White Mountain, ( 10 minutes from Lincoln), really nice views + hiking  (which we did not take advantage of), original plan was to do Mount Washington Cog Railway, but we did not realize that we needed to book a good few days in advance, in the end we drove up Mount Washington ourselves.

For those of you have been to Pikes Peak in CO and want to know the difference between Mount Washington ( MW) and Pikes Peak ( PP).
Very diffrent kind of drives but around same driving up same elevation as Pikes Peak starts at 7,000 feet and goes to 14,000 feet and MW starts at 1500 feet and goes up to 6,000 feet.
MW is a shorter steeper drive, more things to do at the top, much more room to walk around, have a whole mini museum  on MW inside. Probably winder as well. 

PP - cheaper to drive on, more windy, I would less extreme weather on top, more by itself, less of range then MW is.

Both were fun and unique. I don't feel like "I did the same thing again but driving MW after PP"

Next we had to get back to the airport, but we wanted to see Maine so we went along the border until we snuck into Maine, along the way we saw a covered bridge and drove through very nice scenery.

Some other ideas:

Lake Champlain
Texas Falls. 
Mount Equinox Skyline Drive

New Hampshire:
The Flume Gorge
The Lost River Gorge
Mount Agassiz
American Classic Arcade Museum ( claims to be biggest selection of arcades in the world)

The Desert of Maine
Freeport, Maine

Largest rotating earth
2 DeLorme Drive
Yarmouth, Maine

Wiggly Bridge
York, Maine
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