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TLV-MIA Food Run
« on: August 21, 2022, 03:44:24 PM »
TLV-Miami (Continuation from this TR)

My wife and I are currently spending our Shana Rishona (1st year of marriage) in Israel. I hope to put together some sort of master thread to fill some gaps and make sense of all of this yearís travels.

Back in December, I was stuck sick in an Israeli hospital with meningitis. The borders were still closed, and even after much effort, my parents werenít able to get in. Later that month, my family was going to Florida so we thought it would be fun to surprise them. I found a RT flight from TLV to Miami direct for $618 on American and booked it.

Kosher sushi @ Lincoln Eatery, Miami

Lox & Bagel, Boca Raton

For planning reason, I had to let my dad in on the surprise but we really shocked my mom. Iím super tempted to post the video of her freaking out, but something tells me she wouldnít like that. We ended up staying with them at an Airbnb on Collins for a few days, and then moved down the block to the Confidante for 3 nights. It was 15K Hyatt a night which I transferred from Chase. @coffeebean , whose Hyatt Globalist, taught me a cute trick in which I gift the nights to him with my points, but using his Hyatt account number. He then added me as a guest which would give me all Globalist benefits, even though Iím not. Though the only upgrade option was a balcony, we did save $40 a day by getting free valet parking. 



Wild Country Safari

In the end, the trip was just about what you would expect from any Miami-Yeshiva-week vacation. Tons of food.
When we got back to Israel we were greeted by Covid tests and a snow storm.

Next stop, Cabo 🇲🇽
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