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Mano Cruise from Israel
« on: October 27, 2022, 04:57:41 AM »
Just finished a 5 day 4 night cruise on Mano, from Haifa to Cyprus to Rhodes Greece back to Israel. Will give a very basic TR and will try to answer if anyone has specific questions.

*Food onboard is all Kosher
*Chicken is Rabanut Mehadrin
*Meat is Rabanut with options to preorder Beit Yosef and Glatt Mehadrin
*Salad and vegis are all Badatz
*Fish is Chasam Sofer
*Milk products and bakery is all mehadrin
*There are multiple minyanim for Shachris Mincha and Maariv, Shachris had 3 simultaneous minyanim each for the 630 and 800. Plus Mincha had early minyanim and late minyanim. Maariv also had multiple options. There is also Shiurim and a nice sefria for places to later.
* I was not there for shabbos so I cannot tell you what options you have.

Arriving to the cruise is very simple if you come by train, it is located at Haifa Mercaz Hashmona. Once you arrive there are multiple security checks immigration and bag checks. It is the same as if you were taking a flight. Once you arrive on board you are given a card from Mano, which is linked to a credit card (I could not link my American Card) and you can only use that card for ordering drinks or any other things on board (minus the duty free and casino). The key is also used as a door key for your room.
 After arriving we put our suitcases away and went straight to Lunch. There are 3 dining rooms on board with 2 being used for each meal and 1 that is used only for breakfast. Most meals have multiple main courses and huge array of salads and sides. (Think any Israeli hotel breakfast spreads)
Each day they leave you with a paper explaining all activities for the day. Every day there are multiple shows (mostly music/broadway style) from 6pm on until midnight. Early in the day there are mostly game shows for kids and adults, talent shows etc...
 To spend time they have Basketball/pools/slides/multiple board games to borrow and places to play.

Touring they have multiple options in both Cyprus and Greece, I booked the 7 hour jeep tour through Cyprus which was amazing. Both in the nature seen and the touring of remote villages that are straight out of a movie.

Rhodes Greece I booked the city tour+beit knesset. The shuls there date back 800+ years and the history of the jews are over 1000+ years. They have a 400+ old sefer torah on display, a really old mikveh and much more to see. The Jewish Ghetto is now a massive tourist shopping area with very little hints of what it used to be.

Overall I was very impressed with the cruise. There are definite signs that it is not a fully smooth operation yet and they have what to work on (or not) to bring this to the next level, but I would strongly recommend it to someone looking for a few nights to get away at not such high costs.