Author Topic: UAE - Abu Dhabi & Dubai - Aug 2023  (Read 3895 times)

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UAE - Abu Dhabi & Dubai - Aug 2023
« on: August 19, 2023, 07:38:38 PM »

Disclosure: This is not a full complete list and some things may be only our impression, but I didnt find anything w/all this info before we went so thought others could benefit.

Wizz air TLV-ABU $140 p/p r/t. Includes just a personal item but they werent too makpid on extra shopping bags.

Landed in ABU, slow lines for passport control, they take face pics and full hand fingerprints of everyone. Golan wasnt working on my phone so we bought a local sim for 50ils. Restarted the phone and golan workedÖ Maps worked much better w/the local sim than Golanís.

Departed ABU, wizz checkin had 2 lines priority and non-priority but they both seemed to move the same speed. After passport on the right is the priority pass lounge. Lots of lounge chairs and not too full but not updated. Free showers.

Hertz 1 week SUV rental - 600ils. Pick up smooth and easy. Highways have lots of cams and most tourists we met got speeding tix. 200ils for going less than 20km over. No Ezpass, I guess they scan your plate, hertz charged us for 1 toll, 4aed plus 1aed fee.

Almost every bathroom we were in, in a hotel or home, had a toilet and a separate bidet. Public toilets in malls or stores all have a bidet hose next to the toilet. Some have latrine style w/the hose bidet and no toilet paper.

UAE weekend is Fri-Sat so they say things may be more busy Fridays, but we didnt find that.

Several Huge malls that have lots of free parking and attractions or theme parks in them.

Highways are wide and overlap a lot. We used google maps and still found it confusing when/where to exit or which way to go at the fork.

Most people were very nice and friendly especially once they hear you're American or from Israel. We usually felt like they wanted to treat us well as if we were flying first class. Never felt any fear or discomfort from any locals (like one may feel walking in arab parts of Israel)

K-mart type cheap chain stores w/tons of junk, ie Jalabiya for 11ils, 3 suitcases for 80aed. souvenirs for 1 2 5 10ils. Some are open 24-hours
One To Ten Gifts 75 Al Suhiliyah St - Zayed Port - Al Mina - Abu Dhabi - near the promenade.
Gifts Village +971526854729 ( accross from Dubai Frame)

Abu Dhabi:
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre. Free to visit, free parking. Book a time slot on the site. We parked underground and entered through a mall, then a long walk in tunnels to reach the Mosque. (thereís an option for golf-cart rides). Very hot even after dark (in Aug) but there are indoor AC parts too.
  • mostly just a tourist thing. 3 buildings next to each other, 1 shul, 1 mosque, 1 church. Free entrance, schedule online. Bring passports.
  • Palace 60ils entrance. Valet or free parking. Security and then ride a bus to the palace. No one lives there. Very beautiful, high ceilings and detailed. Walk through 3 short hallways to see a few rooms.
  • Indoor ferrari themed amusement park in the yas mall 300ils p/p. (11am-8pm) About 5 thrilling roller coasters. Very short lines (10 min or less, compared to 6 flags chol hamoed, thatís amazing) Their map wasnt so great and didnt list those rides separately. They give you a bracelet w/a qr code and after each ride they can scan it and put the pics they took on so theyíre all together at 1 link.
    The mall also has a few other parks. Some buy 1 ticket to all parks like disney hoppers.
  • Warner brothers,
  • Sea World
  • The "Promenade" of Abu Dhabi - The Corniche


Kosher Groceries:
Rimon kosher supermarket +971545848867. They say thatís the main kosher grocery - cheese deli frozen meats etc. Not so much variety and each item costs like a souvenir. Maps sends you to the back so it looks like itís closed but I think itís open till 9pm in the summer. Imported Kosher food like hagen daaz, chex mix, mayo, ketchup, frozen bagels, waffles, potato chips, veggie stix etc. in Dubai festival city mall has imported Kosher items. Herr's chips cheese curls, Essential brand and Kellogg cereals, canned Tuna corn diced tomatoes, coco powder, Pringles, ronzoni pasta, vegan hard cheese BKKosher, Ben and Jerry's, turkey hill ice cream, frozen sweet potato and regular fries, Dr Prager's veggie burgers, oatmeal. Duncan Hines and blue diamond cake mix. Mott's applesauce, baby carrots.

Some Eateries:, itís in the ritz carlton, good food. Fair price. Fleishig. Very busy at 10pm but lots of seating. in Abu Dhabi itís in a mall and you need to order 24 hrs prior. In Dubai itís open as a restaurant. Cafe Bibi Mosaica
Mul Hayam Dubai +972503458100
Armani +97148883666 order shabbos food/package

In Abu Dhabi thereís a Taymani guy who puts people up to sleep and has great taymani food. They say the prince/king helped get his parents and 100 yr old grandmother out of Yemen and gaveím a place to live in Abu Dhabi a few yrs ago. The dadís living room is the shul. His brother lives across the road. They have a torah they brought from Tayman. He speaks Hebrew and tayman-arabic but his wife is from UK and speaks English too. Some stay at and eat or daven by him. (PM me for his contact)
I heard thereís also a chabad in Abu Dhabi in another area.

In Dubai shabbos minyan and meals: Chabad in the Address Marina 14th floor. Minyan on the Palm
Sefardic Minyan +971547548121

Hotels booked on orbitz near the Address hotel - Chabadís 8am shachris on the 14th floor (free valet parking at the address). Probably 50 ppl there. $50. Hotels all charge 10-20aed extra tax or fee not included in the reservation. Free underground parking. Rooms small, double bed and couch that opens to a twin. High floors have some view of the Marina. $50. Free underground parking. Some rooms w/porch and view of the marina. Kitchen w/Washing machine. 200aed deposit that's returned in cash on checkout. You can go out the hotelís back door and youíre by the Marina and can boat/jetski there too. Not updated. No usb outlets. $50 for studio, large space, double bed couch, kitchen. 80aed extra for a rollaway bed. some people at checkin were nice, some were not. top floors are smoking.

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Re: UAE - Abu Dhabi & Dubai - Aug 2023
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2023, 11:16:48 PM »
Nicely done. Any photos?