Author Topic: [Amz CyMo] Board games - Carcassonne $16.8_Challengers $25_Splendor $20_Azul $20  (Read 248 times)

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Carcassonne - about 50% off, 10 cents above ATL
(If this is the same edition I got from Target about a year ago, the rulebook is worse than it should be given that the game has
been published for over 20 years old and isn't all that complicated. Far fewer rules than, say, Catan. I can help if necessary.)

Challengers - down from $33.xx
Note for the frum: You'll likely want to remove the Shipwreck card set. Also, there's one set with supernatural things
such as vampires/ghosts and one based on movies (general, not specific - e.g. "Makeup Artist," "Star," "Villain").

Splendor - down from $34 avg, $1 above ATL
The idea here is basic enough that I can be bothered to explain it here: Take tokens, then spend them on cards that are worth points and
also discount your future purchases. Certain sets of cards are worth bonus points (although aggressive play can render that irrelevant).

Azul - down from $30.xx avg
If you have an iPhone, you can try this for free in the App Store (the tile designs are not the same).
The "Master Chocolatier" edition is also on sale, but that means paying more for just a different look
and a few bonus rules easily usable without the printed material.
Do you want to play a board game, digitally or in Lakewood NJ? PM me. (Can be asynchronous, i.e. take turns whenever)