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Approved alcoholic drinks from the Rabbanut.

These are NOT Orthodox: (even though some may look legit)

Informative post regarding Kashrus Agencies
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Author Topic: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread  (Read 1036066 times)

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Re: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread
« Reply #6480 on: May 26, 2024, 04:58:20 PM »
Did you look at the website you linked??

Yes. Buy still curious what hechsher it is (they also have a triangle k)
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Re: Kosher, Kashrus and Hechsherim Master thread
« Reply #6481 on: May 27, 2024, 02:49:13 PM »
I noticed Evergreen Lakewood Been selling Empire/Tarkitov Frozen Drumsticks for .99lb for the last while - Can someone please enlighten me is it really a step down from all the other kosher chicken being sold? I feel like I am buying Tyson/Perdue.. I am open to pms...