Author Topic: Costco Citi Extended Warranty Claim Ending Jan 2023 (Claims Review)  (Read 393 times)

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I recently had a dishwasher that failed that is kitchenaid. I purchased it in 2021 using Costco Citi card. Does anyone here have any experience processing a claim thru Citi?
I went thru the claim thru They asked me for the common info like receipt and credit card statement. But they also wanted an estimated from an authorized repair facility. I called Kitchen aid and they wanted $149 to come out and provide estimate. I called Citi but they would not say whether they will reimburse that fee or not. They said get an estimate first. Then once they approve estimate I can get them to come out again. Anyone have success with going thru Citi for this? 

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Interesting - AMEX guarantees that the cost for the estimate will be paid even if the claim is denied...

You may also want to push for them to allow you to use anyone, even a local repair guy - that way you can work with someone local who you'd use anyway for the repair.