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LMS - Last Man Standing.. Not FMS (First Man Standing) - This game is for night time only, not morning, afternoon, or evening.. NIGHT TIME ONLY!!

At night while most of the world is sleeping there are some members which are looking to socialize since they have no one else to speak to; they play a really exciting and fun game which basically every couple minutes you write a comment, the comments range from standing to sleeping, from young grasshoppers to old grasshoppers. it usually begins around 1:00 am EDT


1) Game starts at 1am Eastern, 12am Central, 11pm mountain, 10pm pacific... You get the point.
2) Anyone can call a roll call, just make a reply with "Roll Call". The roll call must be readable to the naked eye.
3) No more than one roll call every thirty minutes.
4) You have 30 minutes to respond to the roll call to stay active.
5) To respond to a roll call just post a reply with "Here" or "y y y"
6) If after one hour there are no more "Roll Calls" or "Heres", then the last person to post correctly either by calling a roll call or with a reply of "here" is declared winner of LMS.
7)You must have been awake for at least 12 hours before making or answering a RC.


When someone calls for a roll call. No more than one every 30 minutes and you have 30 minutes to respond "Here".


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Author Topic: Random Posts  (Read 901151 times)

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Re: Random Posts
« Reply #12765 on: January 23, 2020, 06:21:11 PM »
Market value down about 10% from current year.
Is this correct?

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Re: Random Posts
« Reply #12766 on: January 23, 2020, 07:42:18 PM »
NYC Notice of Property Value Tax Year 2020-2021
Market value down about 10% from current year.
Taxable value up about 6% from current year.
Pretty straightforward. I think it even says this somewhere on the notice:
Quote from:
Assessed value (AV) cannot go up more than 6% each year or 20% over a five year period unless there was new construction or renovations took place. Therefore, it may take several years for AV to adjust to a large increase in market value. This explains why AV goes up even when market value goes down.

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Re: Random Posts
« Reply #12767 on: January 25, 2020, 08:28:40 PM »
Is this correct?

Market values are definitely down. Though I believe it's higher than what's listed on the notice.
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