Author Topic: Computer monitor/screen master thread  (Read 24480 times)

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Re: Computer monitor/screen master thread
« Reply #285 on: Today at 12:24:27 AM »

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Re: Computer monitor/screen master thread
« Reply #286 on: Today at 01:16:35 AM »
Maybe you need to change the source on the screen.

Also, make sure that this is the only video connector connected both on the screen and on the PC.
Took out all the connectors, from the VGA to all sound wires/AUX from the desktop, but had no luck.
  Tried HDMI output 1 and then output 2, neither of those outputs worked, tried both sources.
 tried with two different HDMI cables, one that the screen came with and then some loose HDMI lying around, thinking it might be the cable.

  Had an old HDMI/DVI Cable from when i bought the Nintendo console, so gave it a shot and the screen works as well as the sound, but the sound is quite choppy and not so sharp.
 To be yotzeh having sound coming out of the speaker it works and does not go super loud, so i guess for now i can keep it until i find some alternative for a speaker, too bad i bought this and i'm gonna use another output for the sound.
  Lets hope this screen proves to be a solid one then i'll be ok for taking this vs a well know screen like a dell or some other big company!
  Since I'm not in the tech business i don't know the first thing, assuming YT knows whats good and whats not.
  So far seems like a decent screen and factoring the 3-4k of reviews on this monitor i think i'll keep this.

  My old monitor had the speaker attachment which was a speaker in itself ,vs a built in speaker. (I referred to it as a built in speaker vs a separate speaker as it was attached to the monitor).

 Connected for now both and can easily swap between both, will see which family members like better.

Thanks @Yisroel Tech & @etech0 For all your guys help!

 Eta; See attached picture, i mistakenly put it in the wrong HDMI socket.

Now i see where @Yisroel Tech was aiming when he mentioned;
(does the computer have HDMI output?)
I mixed the two HDMI ports, rather i didn't know there was two ports, only saw one on the very top, and then a VGA port, DVI and that's about it.
 Then saw a very small hole in between the two ports as i'll highlight in the picture and long behold it was the HDMI port.

   Was thinking to maybe go with another Dell computer that has a 20inch width and can attach a normal speaker to it like i had, heres the one i had previously....

Dell AS501 Sound Bar Speaker for Ultrasharp LCD Monitors ($24.99)

 Any ideas that would work with this bar or another dell or screen with a normal speaker vs a built in cheap speaker, its good i bought this, you live and learn.

 And here's a picture of my Computer desk with how much space i'm working with, don't want to place speakers anywhere else on my computer desk, as the place is cluttered as is, no more room for added clutter.

And here's a picture of the 2 HDMI ports, one on top is not the correct spot, (highlighted in red) maybe to mirror a screen?  On the bottom was the correct spot, (highlighted in yellow)

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