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BMG- Biggest Yeshiva in the USA and perhaps the world.


Comprehensive list of Lakewood Restaurants here
Entree - Best upscale meat place with great food and service 
Revolve- A new small upscale nice and different meat place.
Estreia - most upscale restaurant around but food could use improvement 
Ottimo best and nicest dairy restaurant
cafotteria nice dairy restaurant/cafe modern style nice small restaurant , delicious food
Pizzano- A pizza store with nice sit down area also has a large dairy menu ( served to table )
Upper Crust- A nice sit down area with large dairy menu ( Full waiter service )

Fast Food
Glatt Bite- Massive menu with fast service and delicious American and Chinese food.
D'LUX- Massive menu with fast service. American, Chinese, and sushi
Yussies- Deli and sandwiches. Delicious fries.
Glatt Gourmet- best homemade take out food (also sandwiches and chinese)
Yapchik- Nice menu great homemade take out, or eat in, best shabbes meat selection
Bun- Nice new place, great burgers
Sushi Express- sushi and Chinese, they deliver 732-901-7874
South Side Sandwich Shop- Fast-food joint Extensive sandwich menu. Has delicious smoked Ribs/Lamb brisket and chicken. Friendly service.
Snaps- Fast food in Westgate
Mikes Chicken Crunchers - variety of fried chicken and sandwiches
Circa - Clean pizza store/cafe with large menu + sushi.
Pizza Place- A pizza store with a large dairy menu and very nice setting located in WestGate 732.730.1144
Pizza Plus, 4th st btwn Clifton and Lexington. Original Lakewood pizza store. Foods great. Best pizza around
J2- Pizza and sushi in Shoprite plaza. Pizza is good, great sushi. Service is not good.
Village Pizza (2 locatioons) - Pizza store with a dairy menu

Bagel Nosh - Legendary bagel store, needs no introduction
4 Corners (4 locations) , bagel store+ sushi ]
French Press - Freshly Roasted exotic coffee beans. Ground and brewed on demand by the cup. Standard method is pour over, but you can request just about any. Ask which brand are freshest.

Kol Shimshon - fixed mincha and maariv every 15 minutes at peak times otherwise every 1/2 hour
West Gate - Maariv every 20 minutes from 8-12
Satmar- Forest and 5th
Chestnut - Another good option for Shachris (until 9) if you're on the South side of the lake (and for shkiya mincha-maariv). 105 Chestnut Street Corner of Tiffany Lane

Kosher Grocery and Supermarkets
Jerusalem Glatt: 515 River Ave  Phone: (732) 370-6695
Kosher West: 136 Hillside Blvd
NPGS  - 152 James Street, 231 Main Street, and 2080 W County Line
Super Stop - 1161 River Ave and 416 Cedarbridge
Foodex -  407 Princeton Ave
Shloimys  - 1750 Clifton Ave
Gormet Glatt - 1700 Madison Ave
Kosher Villiage - 911 E County Line
Jerusalem Glatt  - 515 River Ave
Corner of 2nd - 132 2nd Street
Kollel Food Store - 403 Clifton
Aisle 9 -  951 Madison
Picnic - 357 Squankum RIP 6.20.2021
Gourmet Glatt South


His Place- 435 Clifton Ave
Emporio- 1700 Madison Ave
Marcy's- NEW LOCATION- 10 America Ave

Girls on Glen- 120 Hillside Blvd
Gowns By Shevy(you can also sell and rent out your sister/mother of the bride gowns here)
Zinelli- 175 E Kennedy Blvd
Heads of Class- 916 River Ave


The Lakewood Shopper

The Voice of Lakewood

Advertising only
The Clip It coupon card732-231-2692 - Coupon card that comes in back of the BP

BP weekly

Lakewood weekly

Masa Umatan (Has popular lists like freebay, Rental list, and playgroup list)

Residential Rental listings
rental list

Keilim Mikva:

11th st mikva, -till 4pm
Hertzberg, 121 E 9th bet. Park and East end. -On left side of house after entrance to shul.
DB Electronics open 24hrs in the back ( Yt seasons only for costumers)
The Westview Shop
Center Of Town (Gourmet Glatt plaza)
Amazing Savings
Yesodei Court

Car Repairs

Betzalel Brezner 845-558-5547
Absolute cheapest prices, great work
@S209: I was very satisfied, used him twice
Tell him you saw it on dansdeals forums! :)

Reuven & Sons Auto Repair
40 Chestnut street
From transmissions to brakes.
Honest prices. Quick service
New mechanic in town. 25 years experience, moved from Brooklyn.
Tell him you saw it on Dansdeals.

Brakes and Batteries
Moshe Levy will come to you.  848-210-3640

Body Work
AllState Collision (Ovadia Levine) 732-730-0220


Zalman Charloff- Z R Plumbing. Six four six-946-2903 (recommended by S209 and by YitzyS)

Izzy Zerken - AMZ Heating and Cooling (recommended by S209)


White Ribbon Florist - Weddings, events, and stunning Shabbos flowers. @S209

Phone Repairs

Lg Exalt Repairs- 347-201-2501 (Call or Text)
Matis Geesis - 732 523-0033

Note that this list is far from exhaustive.

To Do - Parks & Recreational Ideas:

Rockshire Transit - Lakewood/Monsey - 845-352-8543
Midtown Bus - see this post by @Marks
See this post for other options to Manhattan

Auto Sales
Toms River Auto Sales
Lakewood Auto Sales
Ami Katz
MY Auto Sales
Auto Discounters
Car Shadchan
Lakewood Car Finder

Author Topic: Lakewood NJ Master Thread  (Read 4401430 times)

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23860 on: April 15, 2024, 04:13:36 PM »
If you want this, PM me. It's a Panasonic SA-AK520. Also included are a remote and what I think is some sort of antenna.
CDs and cassettes should work, I can't vouch for radio (either band). Has a headphone port and stereo aux ports.
(Don't expect to hear back from me before tomorrow.)

Do you want to play a board game, digitally or in Lakewood NJ? PM me. (Can be asynchronous, i.e. take turns whenever)

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23861 on: April 15, 2024, 05:10:36 PM »

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23862 on: April 15, 2024, 05:15:45 PM »
I think its 2042 W County Line Rd, Jackson Township, NJ 08527. It was formally Destinos. Corner of Steuben lane and W County Line.

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23863 on: April 15, 2024, 10:16:56 PM »
Going around social media:
Almost 30 new eateries and  stores under new ownership - opened or opening in Lakewood area recently (just in the past 2 months).

1) Tuscany pizza just opened, there sit down service has not started yet.

2) The old me mentost next to Wawa is becoming “Yerushalmi”

3) Ice cream house or Rt9 in toms river (dairy)

4) The Loft restaurant on Rt70

5) Dairy Cafe next door to loft

6) Fialkoffs pizza in Jackson across from Bagel King

7) Upscale “Israeli style” restaurant in Howell

8) Ramada rt70 a meat family restaurant “Beru”

9) New restaurant coming “the Row” in Toms River

10)Justinos pizza on county line  Jackson is becoming a kosher “say cheese pizza” 

11) Exxon on 9 and county line a sandwich counter opening by Greenwald caterers?

12& 13) 2 new restaurant in the “Chikchok” plaza in Jackson by Greenwald & Sruly Burstine

14) Tapas of Deal moved to Toms River 

15) The new Expanded pizza plus!

16) The new Fishing Line

17) Flysh under new ownership

18) Crunch time Expansion w/ Seating

19) new sushi place coming to Toms River by Yitzi Nusbaum’s plaza

20) new pizza by Yitzi Nusbaum in Tom’s river, “Pies on Deck”

21) Breakfast place by Yitzi Nusbaum’s Plaza

22) Eigner’s pastry shop opening by the row in Toms river

23) Lechem sourdough by the stop and shop rt9 and rt70

24) Miele gelato & Pizza in Toms river by the row

25) Sushi & Chinese Express undergoing a renovation and Rebranding to “NIKI’S”

26) Dairy Restaurant on Vermont across Belz

27) Satmar Flysh by the row

28) New Sit down burger place on RT 70

29) Falafel & Chips
Counts flysh twice

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23864 on: April 15, 2024, 10:22:39 PM »
Counts flysh twice
27 is Satmar Meat Market.

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23865 on: April 15, 2024, 10:49:18 PM »
27 is Satmar Meat Market.
Where's the row?
I feel completely out of it. I don't know like half of these physical locations

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23866 on: April 15, 2024, 11:06:52 PM »
Where's the row?
I feel completely out of it. I don't know like half of these physical locations
Rt 9 & Cox Cro

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Re: Lakewood NJ Master Thread
« Reply #23867 on: April 16, 2024, 10:58:55 AM »
Giving away bike trainer still in sealed box.