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I'm trying to summarize success stories mentioned in this thread.
From @TC610
It never hurts to ask - retention is a big YMMV.  If you don't like the offer given to you when you call for retention, ask for a better one.  Scan through the thread (use the search bar - reading through 130+ pages of posts can be time consuming) to see what others have been offered. Please post what you've got if its better then whats in the WIKI

Retention: $95 Statement credit after 5 transactions (no minimum...) in the next 3 months
09/17/2014 $95 refunded no need to make any transactions + 1000 Bonus Points per month for 16 months if made purchases of $1000+
05/12/16 AA Executive: $50 credit every month spend $1500 or 15K Miles for $5K in 5 Months
08/14/17 AA Exec $250 credit for spending $3,000/m * 3m OR 15K Miles for $5K in 3m.

Chase: - Call 800-945-2006.
     Retention: 10k UR after 5k spend
     Retention: $50 SC
  UA (Club)
     Retention: $150 account credit
     Retention: 10k Miles for spending $2000 in 3 months.
  UA (Presidential)
     Retention: $100 account credit
     Retention: 9k Avios for spending $1500 in 3 months
  Freedom (5x catagories)
     Retention: 2,500 UR

Retention: Waived by SMing

Retention: 5K miles, for keeping the card open randomly.
AF waived, HUCA

US air:
AF waived

American Express

Seems to be clearly spend related while also no rhyme or reason to who gets offers

  Business gold:5k-15k/$100 statement credit no spend required.
  Delta Gold Skymiles - 12.5k Delta miles for paying the annual fee (no extra spending required) or $100 Credit on the account
  SPG personal: 7k for 1k spend in 3 months.
  SPG business: 10k no spend.
  Personal Platinum - 20,000 MR for $3,000 spend in 3 months. (Actually gave me 5,000MR immediately, then 15,000 when I spend the $3k)/up to 50k/$150 SC for 1k spend.
  Personal Platinum (another data point [zow]) - 30,000 MR for $4,000 spend in 3 months.
  Business Platinum: 10k no spend/20k for 10k spend/30k no spend +50k for 40k spend

Retention contact numbers:
Citi: 800-444-2568
Chase: 800-945-2006
Amex: 800-452-3945
Barclays: 18664084064 (credit dept)
US Bank:

Click on link to get backdoor numbers for most banks:
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Re: Credit Card Retention Bonuses
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Barclays Jetblue Plus Card - $100 credit after spending 1K per month for the next 3 months