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This is primarily a summary from messages on this board. Feel free to revise/correct. I take no responsibility for errors/accuracy.

There are various options for parking at JFK, with a trade-off between higher convenience/security and higher price.

Starting with most convenient and most expensive:
•   On site Airport Parking at JFK is expensive (Long-term parking starts at $29/day, and can be $36, $70, $75, depending on the lot). (You need to take into account some time to take the AirTrain from parking to your destination terminal but that is pretty quick).
•   There are many off-airport parking lot options a few minutes away (offering frequent shuttle, more security than on street parking, though only two are officially authorized: Smartpark JFK, and Airpark JFK. Spothero currently has parking at the crowne plaza for $18/ day.
o   Note: Beware some of these off-airport parking lots will charge a surcharge for a large car e.g. Minivan, (on top of typical $25/day) and that’s not always stated upfront when reserving online). Some have absolutely miserable ratings on google. Also there appear to be a lot of bait and switch websites when googling for JFK parking, advertising one rate, but then offering a higher rate, when you enter your information. Remember prices fluctuate and lots can be full.
•   Groupon sometimes has good deals on off-site Airport Parking.

Using AirTrain to get to a cheaper Parking Lot
•   JFK Airport has an AirTrain that passengers use to travel between the 8 airport terminals for free. This AirTrain extends a couple of stops beyond the airport connecting it to NYC tains/public transportation.
•   You can pick up the AirTrain at Federal Circle Station (first stop outside the airport), which has a parking lot ($20/day, prepaid see Need to reserve 48 hours in advance
o   You can take the AirTrain to/From Howard Beach or Jamaica (though that costs $8 +$1 for a metrocard, as it is well beyond the Airport) (see below regarding on street parking, from those areas).
•   There is currently a parking lot in Jamaica (neighborhood) for $11/day ( . It requires two trains or an Uber.

On Street Parking:
There are several neighborhoods 5-20 minutes away from JFK that offer have street parking without (alternate side parking) restrictions (i.e. for weekly street cleaning). So you can park on those streets for more than a week without getting a ticket. (But CHECK the street signs carefully, It may vary from block to block, and may change over time).  The key downsides of street parking are (1)  the extra time to get an Uber/Lyft to the terminal and (2) the cost of the Uber/Lyft. (3) less security of your car. Ideally you want to find a nicer neighborhood where concerns around safety are relatively low.

Some neighborhoods/area used/suggest by DDFers include 
•   Sample address 133-98 150th St, South Ozone Park, NY 11436 (very close)
•   Near the Ohel of Chabad Lubavitch (Montefiore cemetery, Cambria Heights neighborhood (13 minute ride to JFK)  (but don’t park directly in front of the cemetery on the cemetery side, as they may tow cars on certain days e.g. Erev Rosh Hashana, Gimmel Tammuz and Yud Shevat, when there are many visitors to the Ohel. Crown Heights Yagdil Torah community calendar has all Chassidisshe Yomim Toivim marked.). You can park on neighboring side streets without fear of being towed on those days. Aside from Uber/Lyft, you can also catch an MTA bus (Sample address 226-20 Francis Lewis Blvd, Cambria Heights, NY 11411)
•   Howard Beach (and take the AirTrain – for map see, ride is $8) (There used to be a shul there that offered parking as a chesed / for donations (but that is no longer available) (Sample address 160th ave and 102nd St.) (Address for AirTrain station at Howard Beach is near 158-99 103rd st Queens, NY 11430
•   North Woodmere /
•   Rosedale (Queens) / valley stream (18-20 minute ride) (Sample address 886 Flanders Drive)
•   Cedarhurst / Far Rockaway
•   Near Sanitation Garage (Sample address 15367 146th Ave, Jamaica, NY 11434)
•   Near other Air-Tran stations (Lefferts Blvd), Jamaica.

My understanding is that street parking for an extended period is legal so I don’t think neighbors (who may feel annoyed) have the ability to legally cause trouble (even with out-of-state license), even if it is there for weeks. That said, I suppose they could report it as suspicious (higher risk if the vehicle is conspicuous), and there is always some risk of vandalism.
From NYC311 Link "Unless a posted sign says otherwise, you may not leave a vehicle parked in the same spot for more than seven days in a row. This rule includes spots in all types of neighborhoods, including residential areas."
•   If you know someone who lives in these areas and can park near or in front of their house, (that can be reassuring and be/feel less intrusive). I’ve done this and put a note in the dash with the address of my friend (associating the car with an address on the block, in case anyone on the block got suspicious).
•   For short duration trips (where the cost savings of street parking are more limited), if driving a luxury vehicle, for higher peace of mind; the other alternatives might be more attractive.

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 Would anyone who parked near the Ohel recently be able to pm me what street they parked on that didn't have alternate side parking?