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I think there is a big misunderstanding what locked/unlocked means.

All phones that are made are always assigned to a carrier (yes even the ones that say "Factory GSM Unlocked") to prove that just look up the model of the phone and you will see what carrier it was assigned to.

In order for a phone to have service the company has to know that you want service on this phone.

In the past company's like Sprint and Verizon did not work with a sim card they worked with the id of the phone to recognize what kind of phone / what carrier it was assigned to. This is know as CDMA. Yet company's like att/t-mobile did that too but the service was applied by using a sim.

Once LTE came out for what ever reason all company switched to the "Sim technology". There is still one thing that did not change, each carrier has their assigned bands that they have from the FCC that they are allowed to use.

Being that there are standard bands that every one uses (for international or the like) these are included in every phone. So.... All verizon phones will work on att, BUT will only have the bands for slower internet since those are standard bands.

Now verizon's LTE band is NOT a standard nor is their CDMA a standard so an att or a t-mobile phone will NOT be able to accept a Verizon sim.

Now lets go to sprint phones,

All other company's when they had the phones made for them all they do is have it customized for its own use (Read: their own LTE bands). Sprint on the other hand not only did they have them customize it they put a lock in the software blocking all local USA bands (Verizon ATT and Tmobile).

They even go a step farther and they still do the old way of checking the device ID to see if its a sprint phone or not.

Hope this explains a few things feel free to ask any questions.

Att has an easy way to ask for an unlock

How to check a Sprint iPhone (only): You cannot check it with an american sim you must put in a foreign sim. You DO NOT have to backup and restore as sprint sends in the email! Connect to wifi before starting this procedure.

When you put the sim in one of 3 things will happen.
1. It will say no service in the top right corner = Unlocked
2. It will do a soft restart and ask you for your apple id password = Almost unlocked, after putting in the password its unlocked
3. It will do a soft restart and say "Sim not valid" = Phone is locked

If you got number 2. and you dont know the password just put in your old sim and all will return. When you find out the password repeat the steps. Can check if the phone will work
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Author Topic: cell phone unlocking  (Read 69240 times)

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Re: cell phone unlocking
« Reply #630 on: June 11, 2019, 09:16:28 AM »
I'm hoping someone can help!

I have a Verizon iPhone 6, and my service provider is Page Plus (TracFone Wireless) - on a monthly prepaid plan.

I'm in Israel now and rented a SIM card to use here, but it seems my iPhone is locked (which I had no clue about), so the SIM card is useless and I don't have a phone!

I spoke to a couple of cell phone stores here and they told me it costs ~$250 to unlock it, because that's how much Verizon will charge. They're basically just passing on the charge.

Page Plus customer service says they can't unlock it, because the phone isn't one of theirs.

Verizon Wireless customer service says the show it's unlocked, but it's only unlocked in the US, and since I'm overseas, I have to bring the phone to a local Israeli location for it to be physically unlocked.

I'm working remotely from here for the next 10 days and need a phone.

Does anyone know how to get around this? I'm pretty desperate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Re: cell phone unlocking
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how can I flash a kyocera phone's imei that was blacklisted so it work it again?