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Kosher Food/ Restaurants:
Chabad of the Rockies (Canmore) offers fresh eat-in, takeout and Shabbat meals:

The local supermarkets (e.g. Nesters or IGA in Banff) have many kosher shelf products.

There's frozen chicken and some meat products here, also a kosher aisle of dry foods: Safeway Glenmore Landing - 1600 90 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2V 5A8, Canada

None, though check GoDaven for temporary minyanim

Things to Do:

Download the GuideAlong app (formerly known as GyPSy Guide) and purchase the package for the Canadian Rockies Tours for $24.99. This self-paced guided audio tour covers Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Yoho National Park, Jasper National Park and more. It's an incredibly useful and informative app.

Johnston Canyon hike, Upper Falls recommended, 2 hr round trip.
Banff Gondola, take boardwalk (15 min, spread out stairs) to peak for amazing views
Mountain Biking - e.g. Tunnel Bench Loop (moderate, lots of fun with great views)
Bow Falls and Bow River
Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake loop drive - boat cruise tour and speedboat rentals available

Lake Louise (45 min drive from Banff)
Shoreline trail walk
Canoe rentals
Lake Agnes teahouse hike (moderate, 2.5 hrs round-trip, can continue to Little Beehive or Big Beehive)
Plain of 6 Glaciers hike (moderate, 5-6 hrs round trip, Tea House along the way)
Lake Louise gondola

Moraine Lake (30 min drive south from LL)
2023 Update: Access by personal vehicle to Morraine Lake is no longer allowed. The only options to get to Morraine Lake are by Canada Parks Shuttle, private Lake Morraine bussing companies, and maybe a private tour bus. Local Banff bus service (Roam) may also have a shuttle to Morraine in addition to their service to Lake Louise. Reservations for busses get booked up early, so plan at least 3-4 days ahead. [Parking is extremely limited, arrive very early or later in the day, road is closed when parking is full.]
Walk along lake
Canoe rentals sometimes available
Rockpile climb to great viewpoint

Athabasca Glacier Adventure (90 min drive from Lake Louise or Jasper)
Early arrival recommended (first tour is at 10:30am, book online in advance)
2 hour duration, bring bottle to drink glacier water
Wear layers, temperature is unpredictable
Skywalk is a tourist trap, you can skip it and stay on bus to return to parking lot

Icefields Parkway drive from Athabasca Glacier to Banff with scenic stops:
Parker Ridge trail 2-hour round-trip hike (medium difficulty, uphill climb)
Peyto Lake viewed from Bow Summit (cars must park in lower lot and walk 10 min, but later in the day the upper lot can be used)
Mistaya Canyon (beautiful pull-off hike along Icefields Pkwy. Hike is about 10 minutes down to a powerful river rushing through a canyon with waterfalls)
Bow Lake (quick pullout stop)


Yoho National Park
Takakkaw Falls
Emerald Lake
Natural Bridge


Getting Around:
A car is basically a must, though there are shuttles from Banff to the major attractions.
The nearest commercial airport is Calgary (YYC), a 90 min drive from Banff.


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Author Topic: Banff and Jasper Master Thread  (Read 167613 times)

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Re: Banff and Jasper Master Thread
« Reply #700 on: June 06, 2024, 08:31:21 AM »
Im confused about the banf gondola, as the complaints were about bringing kid along and long lines down as we are adults and can hike without problems is it worth it (waiting the way down 30 min or an hour is fine for us) or is lake louise gondola much better (or none)?

also im doing one very early morning to beat the crowds at lake louise and moraine (be their by 5am), im seeing that you cant drive to moraine lake and need to book the shuttle in advance, should i do moraine 1st with shuttle and try to make lake louise before 9am or vice versa?
wich is a nicer sunrise and to walk around?
banf gandola imho. But keep asking around everyone has diff opinions

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Re: Banff and Jasper Master Thread
« Reply #701 on: July 15, 2024, 08:40:16 PM »
Where does everyone here stay? Is there any good hotel in Banff or any way to get the Fairmont for points or less than $1K/night?
If you are trying to get my attention/assistance and I'm not responding, please feel free to PM me. :)

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Re: Banff and Jasper Master Thread
« Reply #702 on: July 16, 2024, 08:16:40 PM »
I'm visiting banff next week bez"h.
It looks as the park canada shuttle to lake louise and moraine is a newer system and you need to reserve in advance (2 days before In my case) has anyone been their since the new system was in place?
Also what time is recommended as I'm staying in canmore, is sunrise necessary  or is arriving 9am going to be similar in beauty and crowds?

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Re: Banff and Jasper Master Thread
« Reply #703 on: Yesterday at 12:10:38 AM »
I'm visiting banff next week bez"h.
It looks as the park canada shuttle to lake louise and moraine is a newer system and you need to reserve in advance (2 days before In my case) has anyone been their since the new system was in place?
I visited Lake Louise and Moraine Lake yesterday. I tried to book the Canada Parks shuttle 2 days in advance. I logged in a little before 10am Eastern and tried to book two tickets at exactly 10am on the nose and it was already sold out. There was one ticket available for a 3pm departure but that was too late for me and since I was looking for two tickets I declined.

I already had a backup reservation with and they worked out really well. They use a school bus - not a coach bus - and it has no AC but it was completely fine. They were the cheapest private bus company I could find and they had a generous 24-hour cancellation window. All of the other private bus companies I checked were more expensive and had a 72-hour cancellation window (probably to lock you in because they know the Parks shuttle can only be booked 48 hours in advance). I booked with HopOn weeks ago and hoped that I could get the Canada Parks shuttle 48hrs in advance and then cancel with them. It obviously didn't work out that way.

I hope you have better luck getting a Parks shuttle reservation but make sure you have a plan B.

Also what time is recommended as I'm staying in canmore, is sunrise necessary  or is arriving 9am going to be similar in beauty and crowds?
According to our bus driver, the sunrise tours to the lakes are a scam. Although the sun rises around 7:30am, sun doesn't get into the valley until around 9:30am. So viewing it shortly after sunrise is not much different than viewing it at night (supposedly). You need good sunlight to see the beautiful aqua color reflected off of the surface of the lake. We experienced this: when we got to Lake Louise at 11:15am it was very sunny and the color of the lake was majestic. By 1:30 when we left it was overcast and wasn't special at all.

Lake Louise was very busy between 11:00 and 1:30. However, if you walk 2 to 3 minutes along the Lakeshore trail there are plenty of spots where you can stand right by the edge of the lake and take a photo with no one else around you. Walk another 5 minutes down the trail and the crowds really thin out. I bet if you walk down to the end of the trail you'd pretty much have it to yourself (we didn't get that far). We had no problem finding a shady spot on the rocks to eat our lunch. We really enjoyed Lake Louise even with the crowds.

Maureen Lake was also very busy when we got there at 2:15 pm. However, like Lake Louise, it didn't detract from the experience. There were plenty of spots along the lakeshore trail where it's just you and the lake. The Rockpile trail was extremely busy but it doesn't affect your view.

I still recommend getting to each lake as early as you can, but if you don't, it's not the end of the world. And if you plan to do any of the non-standard hikes at any of the lakes then you can do it at any time of day because 99% of people just do the Lakeshore trail and move on.