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Re: Stocks
« Reply #7600 on: May 25, 2023, 07:06:51 PM »
Something that is going up will continue to go up unless something changes (newtonís law) yes there might be a temp pullback due to people taking their gains but it will likely continue in the direction itís going unless itís target market changes. My 2 cents
I respectfully do not agree with that philosiphy, if that were the case every stock would be ever-higher unless the target market changes? Many stocks even out or change from growth stocks into something else. NVDA is being traded as a growth stock. If people's prespective change there could be a big reality check as the price corrects, I dont think any big losses would be realized over the long term but I'm not sure about any signifaicant gains in the nest 2-3 years.
So if you meant to stay that a good company which has a good product that stays relevant will continue to gain, I agree, but my question was at what rate, and if I would not be better off investing somewhere else.