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Small List compiled for Flip phone service. Regular service with unlimited data and all to come.

1.Tracfone-All Carriers $20 Talk/Text 1GB ($30 for first 6 months)
1b. Unlimited talk and text, no data $15/month ($10 with auto pay)

2.Mobi-Verizon $10 (Additional $5 off the 1st three months)

3.Tello-Tmobile $8 , US Mobile.

4.HelloMobile-Tmobile $5 (first 2 months for $5)

Tracfone Wireless- (CDMA/GSM Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T)
First 6 months at $30 plus taxes.
Pay for the first 2 months $15 each month with autopay, then use reward points for the next 4 months. Use Referral code OOAB-E354 to get you 8,000 points. You must activate and set up the rewards within 14 days of activating Phone service.
  They limit 5 uses per month, so feel free to PM before using if you want to confirm they work for this month, as well they seem to be changing the referral code after every use. So feel free to post in the thread or message me for a new code.
       The points will only kick in after 60 days of service(hence the reason for keeping paid service for 60 days) the points will kick in getting you 8,000 Points, which is enough for 4 months free. You can redeem 2,000($20) increments for a free month of service and do that for a total of 4 months free.
  Now you must turn off auto pay after the first 2 months in order for the free 4 months that you added to kick in.  If you don't turn off auto pay it will continue billing your credit card and you will not get those free months until you turn off auto pay.
 Works on CDMA or GSM.

 Mobi Wireless- (Verizon/CDMA)
 $10 a month. With a referral code you can get another $5 off the 1st three months which I can give you. You need to sign up in the first week for the referral bonus to kick in.
Click here to pm me for the info.

Tello Mobile (GSM/T-Mobile)
$8 Month with Unlimited t&t and no data. Picture message might not work without data services.
$10 unlimited Talk/Text + 1GB. 60 free international destinations - UK, Canada, France etc but not Israel
(Find someone with a referral code or $10 off referral code = P3VB48C7)
wifi calling and ESim supported

Hello Mobile (GSM/T-Mobile)
 $5 Month with Talk/Text 500mb.
Unlimited calling to most international destinations. Canada/Israel/UK and many more.  2nd month free as well. Free sim card.

If you know of others please add to the wiki.
  Feel free to PM me with any questions or post in this thread so a dedicated member can help you out.

Mobi for me comes out to $14.05 in NY after taxes.
Us mobile i pool 2 phones and I  pay just $20.96 for 2 lines after tax. Both on the Verizon network

Use this website to find the best deals

H2O which runs on AT&T has a annual plan unlimited talk and text for $60 plus tax with free international calling as well
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Author Topic: Need help finding a cellphone plan? Post here! US edition (Master thread)  (Read 191601 times)

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Re: Need help finding a cellphone plan? Post here! US edition (Master thread)
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PFAF coming to US for a month and need the cheapest available plan with data for iPhone 12 either unlimited or high amount of gb…any leads?