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    • If anyone is interested in learning more information about Passaic/Clifton, please call Nissi at 917-485-2789 and he should be able to help.

  • Stein, Barry; "Provides personal, corporate and non-profit accounting and tax work. We tailor all of our services to meet our clients' tax and accounting needs and keep them in compliance." 646-284-3377;
  • Chapman, Louis; contract law; 973-632-8400
  • Karfunkl,Benji; contract law; 862-210-8220
  • Rosenblum (traffic tickets); 888-883-5529;
Automotive / Mechanics:
  • Family Auto - aka Stadium Auto Body; 442 Van Houten; 973-454-8577
  • Simon Says Stop; pads, rotors, calipers, bearings. Owned by Simon Berebbi. Comes to your location. 347-768-0807
  • "Yossi by Titan"; a mechanic named Yossi Becker who works in a gas/repair station called Titan. Fixes cars. 43 Main Ave; 414-975-5694.
  • Yochie's Heimishe Kosher Bakery; free cake for new Passaic resident!; 217 Main Ave; 973-471-3080
  • Patis Bakery; not in Passaic technically, but about 10 minutes away - many people from Passaic frequent it. 323 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. 201-438-4004;
  • Season's - Full kosher grocery store with bakery section -  467 Allwood Rd, 973-339-0900,, Sun-Tues: 7AM-8PM, Wed: 7AM-10PM, Thur: 7AM-midnight, Fri: 7AM-2 hours before Shabbos
  • Avrahami, Yosef;
  • Patino; recommended by Y Okhstein for small/med jobs; 201-682-6368
Custom T-Shirts / Apparel
  • Solaimanzadeh, Sami; 973-644-0088
  • Eyal Simchi - Pediatric Dentist, excellent with kids
  • Yosef; 917-770-0449;
  • Rosenberg, Mayer; 908-670-7572;
  • YOLO Electric (Yoni Loriner); 347-701-3405
  • Zentman; 732-773-3990
Grocery Stores:
  • Season's - Full kosher grocery store with large takeout section -  467 Allwood Rd, 973-339-0900,, Sun-Tues: 7AM-8PM, Wed: 7AM-10PM, Thur: 7AM-midnight, Fri: 7AM-2 hours before Shabbos
  • Kosher Konnection - 200 Main Ave - 973-777-1120, Full kosher grocery store - 
  • Benyamin Nabati - booking online preferred: or text/call 917-379-5594. Location is 34 Main Ave (signage refers to "Vincent's hair cuts"). Walk-in is a bad idea unless you are going very off peak.
  • LA Hair Design; Walk-ins only, ask for Ali. 166 Main Ave; 973-471-6649
  • Union Haircutters & Planet Kidz (for children); 325 Union Ave, Rutherford, NJ 07070; (201) 939-4442;
  • Ungar; frum handyman. Nate! recommends highly. 973-362-5567
Hatters / Milliners:
  • Hirschman Hatters; R Berel Hirschman sells hats out of his house. Call to make appointment: 973-815-0884; CHECKS OR CASH ONLY; 251 Pennington
  • Mezei, Moshe - hat maintenance. Trained by Borsalino. Blocking, steaming, fixing, reshaping; 201-694-3569. Pickup and Delivery available.
  • Overcool; frum company with top quality work, but still reasonable prices. They do residential and commercial heating and cooling. 201-817-9808.
IT / Computer Help:
  • Saplitsky, Shane; 214-354-6036;
Judaica and Seforim:
  • Z. Berman Books - large seforim collection, full service Judaica - 232 Terhune Ave, 973-471-1765,
  • The Linen Shop - doesn't sell seforim, but has nice Judaica, bedding, gifts, and candy platters. 227 Main Ave; (973) 249-7597. Generally is open after 11AM and closed before 5PM.
Junk Removal / Demolition:
Learning Opportunities / Shiurim:
  • The 6AM Chaburah. Official name is "The Passaic Clifton Chaburah". Learns at 6AM Mon-Fri in Kol Yeshurun (see Shuls below). Learning Masechta Brachos.  For more information please Whatsapp 914-584-8921.
  • Daf Yomi by Rabbi Ari Schoenfeld. Learns at 5:50AM in Kol Yeshurun (see Shuls below)
Martial Arts Lessons:
  • Schulgasser
Music Lessons:
  • Golombeck, Shlomo; DJ, guitar, keyboard, piano, ukulele, voice; 973-803-1235;;
  • Friedman, Natan;; 917-733-2863
  • Golombeck, Shlomo; 973-803-1235;;
  • Moeller, Nesanel; 845-304-8123
  • Mezei, Mo; 201-694-3569
  • Family Eye Center; 124 Main Ave; 973-916-5050
  • Abrahams, Tzvi; 862-621-7689
  • Clifton Hardware and Paint; they do not actually paint but can refer you to their network they know about; 741 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013; 973-860-3040
  • Schachner, Emanuel; 908-489-0180
  • Oscar (from Avi Walles); 973-851-3339
  • Patino; 201-682-6368
  • Kruter, Meir;
  • Pollack, Avi; 646-675-5480
  • Rodionov, Misha; contact on facebook
  • Simcha Connections; contact Eliezer Blejer at 973-979-7262;
  • Weintraub, Eli; 973-699-1349;
  • Freedman, Gershon; 216-401-8748
  • Price, Ari; 301-332-1957
  • Vann, Ben; 973-861-9917
Restaurants (Dairy):
  • Jerusalem Pizza (aka Teddy's) - pizza and falafel - 233 Main Avenue, 973-778-0960,; under supervision of PCK
  • Prima Pizza - pizza, falafel, salad bar, and sushi - 224 Brook Avenue, 973-471-9866,; under supervision of PCK
  • Kosher Bagel Munch - bagels, challah, pasta - 200 Main Avenue, 973-614-9475, no website (next door to Kosher Konnection); under supervision of PCK
Restaurants (Meat):
  • Junior's - fast food (burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, sushi) - 215 Main Avenue, 973-471-5635,; under supervision of PCK
  • Main Ingredient - fast food, focus on catering and Shabbos food also - 113 Main Avenue, 973-776-6246,; under supervision of PCK
  • Great Falls Bistro - CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR COVID - fancier fare, tapas, steaks, full bar - 220 Passaic Street, 973-473-1007,; under supervision of OU
Shatnez Testing and Removal:
  • Rabbi S Abraham; 10 Temple Place; 720-490-7231
Shuls / Synagogues (Central Passaic):
  • Ahavas Israel- aka "The Ahavas" or "Ahavas". This is the minyan factory shul in town, although note there is no shkiya mincha/maariv minyan. Parking is difficult for peak Shacharis times, but many park in the mikva parking lot. There is an app to keep track of the various minyanim times. Rov: Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman. 973-777-5929 - 181 Van Houten, intersection with High Street, - calendar is kept up to date on the site. Nusach Ashkenaz.
  • Bais Torah u'Tefila - aka BTU - scant parking behind building, but large lot (of former hospital) is available for use on corner of Aycrigg and Pennington. Entrance to large lot is on Pennington.  218 Aycrigg Ave - Rav: Rabbi Menachem Zupnik. Many Minyanim throughout the day. Nusach Ashkenaz.
  • Tifereth Israel - 180 Passaic Avenue. Office: 973-773-2552; Rav: Rabbi Aaron Cohen. Nusach Sfard.
Shuls / Synagogues (around Main Ave):
  • Rav: Rabbi Weinberger
  • Rabbi Berkowitz
  • Jewish Family Service - aka JFS; Rav: Rabbi Spira
Shuls / Synagogues (West Passaic, edge of Clifton):
  • Adas Israel - aka "The Adas". 565 Broadway. Large parking lot (does not allow people to park there NOT davening in their shul). Popular venue for simchas and other events. Siman Psicha: 2x Chai, 3x Chai. Typical weekday has early shacharis 6:45/6:50, and 8AM shacharis. Early Mincha at 1:15PM, and mincha/maariv b'zman. 9PM maariv with shiur. Shabbos Shacharis is 8:30AM, there is an early mincha at 2:00 PM, and then mincha bzman with shalosh seudos, followed by Maariv. Sunday has 8:30AM Shacharis, and a 9:15AM Shacharis (9:15 occasionally struggles with getting a minyan) and mincha/maariv and 9PM maariv. See below for other minyanim housed within the same building. Rov: Rabbi Pinchos Novoseller. Nusach Ashkenaz except on Shabbos.
  • Kehilas Bais Yosef - 580 Broadway. Small parking lot in back. Earliest Shacharis in this section. Also has minyan at 7:15AM. Rav: Rabbi Dovid Hirsch. Nusach Ashkenaz.
  • Kol Yeshurun - 540 Broadway. Small parking lot. Parking is quite difficult on weekdays because of high demand. Shacharis is 6:55AM on Monday and Thursday. 7:00AM other weekdays. 6:45AM Rosh Chodesh. Shabbos Shacharis is 8:15AM, mincha typically bzman, but never later than 6PM typically, which you should keep in mind. Rav: Rabbi Aharon Cohen. No real website, but you can donate at Nusach Ashkenaz.
Shuls / Synagogues (Clifton):
  • Beis Shalom - 733 Passaic Ave. Huge parking lot. Known to be an efficient minyan. Caution on Shabbos: right at edge of Eruv. M/Th 6:55AM. Tue/Wed/Fri: 7:00AM. Shabbos: 8:30AM. Sunday: 8:15AM. Sun-Thurs Mincha/Maariv bzman. Rav: Rabbi Avraham Shulman. Nusach Ashkenaz.

Helpful Resources:
Transportation Information and tips:
How does one get to NYC?
One of Passaic's big advantages is its close proximity to NYC. Without traffic one could get into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel in about twenty minutes or so. However, of course, this is largely irrelevant because of traffic.

In terms of public transportation, many people take the train, (Passaic Station, located at intersection of Van Houten / Lackawanna and Passaic Ave) operated by NJ Transit, to Secaucus, and transfer there for a train to NY Penn Station. Note that the side of the tracks for trains headed towards NYC is the side closer to Passaic Ave. One could alternatively take the train to Hoboken (last stop of train) and from there either take the PATH train or ferry across the water.

Other people take buses. Still others take the Paterson Express buses, aka "Spanish buses" or jitneys. You can catch either one of these at Van Houten and Main Ave, A1 Nutrition corner.

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Re: Passaic And Clifton Master Thread
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Does anyone have a list of caterers for brissim in town? If you know prices/ advantages of each, even better...

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It must have been a lot more than a quarter teaspoon. Antacids are the same carbonate.
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Re: Passaic And Clifton Master Thread
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Does anyone have a list of caterers for brissim in town? If you know prices/ advantages of each, even better...
Dovid Lisker - 201-214-0803 8th day caterers

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Re: Passaic And Clifton Master Thread
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What's the deal with buying chometz at shoprite on paulison? I can buy anything? Only certain things?

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Re: Passaic And Clifton Master Thread
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I think anything.