Author Topic: getting ready for sandy  (Read 12253 times)

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Re: Re: getting ready for the storm
« Reply #195 on: October 30, 2012, 02:53:37 PM »
Anyone else experiencing major crawlege with Sprint's 3G network?
I'm not sure if I'd know the difference

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Re: getting ready for sandy
« Reply #196 on: October 30, 2012, 03:06:11 PM »
I'm not sure if I'd know the difference
That would depend on what type of device you have but with the Evo LTE, I can guarantee you the issue is with the network..
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Re: getting ready for sandy
« Reply #197 on: November 21, 2012, 06:40:42 AM »
So all the news is talking about the first polls coming out re. who gets the highest marks with handling Hurricane Sandy, of course Christie gets the highest marks, and thank goodness Bloomy gets the lowest (BTW, I actually got polled for this survey!).
Here's the NYTimes report on this Quinnipiac survey.

I loved this comment:
Written by "everyday NY'er"
everyone i know in nyc as well as the other boroughs strongly feel that bloomberg was horrible at handling the hurricane during as well as post sandy. Examples...
1- last minute cancellation of the nyc marathon, when he should have postponed it from the get go, only to cancel due to extreme pressures from all sides.
2-The generators, food, and bottled waters that sat in central park for the marathon even after it was cancelled, to have the companys that owned the generators haul it back to rent out in other areas, (someone from the mayors office took it his own responsibility to load the bottle waters and food with his young daughter after seeing it laying around in the park to distribute to those that needed it)
3-bloombergs decision to not want the national guards in the neighborhoods that were hit hard to protect from looters. (currently 150 drug related criminals in far rockaway that were forced to be released due to the storm roaming the streets due to unsafe housing conditions)

Other factors that NY'ers i know dislike bloomberg,
1-his persistence of the supersized soda issues and food portions when there are more pressing matters like ppl getting shot on the streets everyday, poverty, NYPD corruptions..
2-his goal in leaving a legacy and starting on various projects in all 5 boroughs, while disregarding all other prior projects that have been in the works and waiting for approvals
3-his dictator like attitude and his Napoleon complex