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1. Some of our POM meals in HI were fantastic. And some that were great in the past were inedible. And some of are meals were wrong.
2. 48 pack cooler should fit 20-24 POM size meals. If they're frozen for a few days they'll stay frozen in the cooler for days with no ice needed.

Food/ cooking utensils which are easy to bring while traveling
Beef Jerky/Dried Salami (Easy to make a sandwich. Can add mayo packet)
Wraps, good to use as bread, stays a long time.
Sandwich maker. Bring bread and cheese.
Ramen noodle soups, try with cold water, it isn't bad.
Or ask a coffee shop for free hot water.
Oatmeal Packets (just add hot water and itís a filling meal)
Tuna Packets
Buy eggs and hard boil inside hot water thing

Foods which are easily found in obscure places in the USA
Bread: Thomas bagels, Sara lee bagels.
Lox, can be found in most groceries.
Sabra humus products.
tuna fish, sardines, etc.
peanut butter, jelly.
cereals. milk, if you drink cholov stam.
Fresh and frozen fish. Try cooking salmon on a foreman with a bit of spices. (Tip the Foreman back a little to keep the juice in for better taste.)

Foods which are easily found all over the world
Fresh fish.
Perhaps american canned tuna.
Fresh fruits and vegetables (in IL there is a problem of terumes and meisres)

Seasons Kosher Meals
Seasons supermarket now advertises that they offer travel meals, similar to Pomegranate

Pomegranate M2G

From Dan's Banfff TR
Something Fishy -
Boneless spare ribs with wild mushroom rice and popcorn cauliflower.  The ribs were moist and delicious, Iíd order them anytime in a restaurant.  The popcorn cauliflower was fantastic as well.

Sesame chicken, Chicken Tortellini with pesto sauce, and Balsamic Baby Portabella Mushrooms.  The Sesame chicken was good though it could have used more sauce.  The mushrooms were great and the chicken tortellini was very good as well.

Eggplant Rollatini.  This stuff is unbelievable.  Eggplant loaded with ricotta, tomato sauce, and cheese. Itís probably the best eggplant dish Iíve had in my life.  An absolute must try.

Eggplant Parmesan was the absolute best Eggplent Parmesan Iíve had in my life as well. Itís such a pleasure to eat so well while traveling.

Penne a la Vodka was good, though overshadowed by our massive portions of out of this world Eggplant dishes.

Honey Mustard Corned Beef.  This was a truly awesome mouth-watering dish.  Thick juicy slices of tangy corned beef, itís a real treat.

Glazed dark meat chicken stuffed with pastrami was awesome.  The couscous and green beans were good as well.

I wasnít such a fan of the Sino steak as it was a bit tough.

Fettuccine Alfredo was creamy and fantastic.

Baked Ziti was delicious as well.

Lasagna was good, but not quite up to par as some of the other dairy meals.

Absolutely perfect Chicken Marsala though I wasnít such a fan of the Shlishkes. The grilled Portabella Mushrooms were very good.

Hot pastrami was very good, but just canít compete with the honey mustard corned beef.  The Garlic mashed potatoes were phenomenal!

Ancho Marinated Hanger Steak had a fantastic flavor though it got a bit dried out unfortunately.  The grilled vegetables were very good.

The Mac and Cheese was very good, though obviously not as good as when the hotel heats it up for you.

Spicy Southern Fried Chicken Nuggets are outstanding.  The seasonings are just amazing.  The only thing Iíd like with it is a dipping sauce so it was perfect that we also had the meatballs below!

Meatballs were very good in a tasty sauce.

Mini stuffed cabbage were excellent as were the roasted potatoes and garlic string beans.

But this was what really blew me away.  The Delmonico steak in a red wine reduction was far superior to the steak that youíll receive in your local steakhouse.  And when a store figures out how to make a frozen steak that is reheated taste better than what most steakhouses serve Iím left completely speechless.  Plus itís packed with 2 of my favorite sides-the garlic mashed potatoes and popcorn cauliflower.

From various DDFrs -
 Honey mustard corned beef and the spare ribs were delicious.
The garlic green beans were a great side dish.
The cheese blintzes were fantastic
Sesame chicken, Chicken Tortellini

From SF Maui TR
Every single dish, whether a fancy rib steak or simple tzimmes, was absolutely delectable. The General Tso's was saucy, spicy, and delicious

@Yehuda - August 2015:
Great - BBQ chicken nuggets, Baked breaded chicken cutlet, Buffalo chicken wings, Cheese blintzes, Penne ala vodka, Popcorn cauliflower, Roasted potatoes were great.
Okay - Ribs too fatty for me, Fire Poppers Chicken Nuggets too spicy for me, Garlic broccoli, Mashed potatoes
Bad - Roasted asparagus (was white asparagus)
Here's how it works:
Use the search bar and fill your destination address (hotel/airport/home/office,etc) , date range and how many guests will eat. View the caterer's kosher certification, select your favorite kosher meals from the caterer's menu for the days you need, choose your delivery preference and make an order
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Author Topic: What Do You Do For Kosher Food While Traveling?  (Read 242104 times)

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Re: What Do You Do For Kosher Food While Traveling?
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Going away including a shabbos was thinking of taking a Betty Crocker and a single burner. Have 2 questions 1) can I put a blech (metal plate) on the burner for shabbos? 2) can I put a foil pan (soup) in the Betty on a shabbos timer?
you should probably ask your rabbi, but this thread is more appropriate;topicseen

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Re: What Do You Do For Kosher Food While Traveling?
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you now see why you cant even use the hot water urn in the room! wow