Author Topic: Anyone have experience building a house or buying a foreclosed property  (Read 521 times)

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Anyone here have experiences to share, particularly in NJ. I'm looking into options and would appreciate any help. Here are some areas I'd like advice in:

New home construction:
1. 'Hidden' costs to look out for when working w a contractor
2. Most important areas of the home to make sure are higher quality
3. Thoughts/experiences on modular home construction (note: different from mobile homes)

Buying foreclosed property:
1. Any benefits to going without an agent (assuming the bank is willing to work with you)?
2. If you buy a foreclosure at an auction, when do you do the testing/inspections? Is the sale contingent on it passing these?

Anything else?

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Would also love info but with regards to ny and the rockaways

Lets have all the home owners chime in with advice and thoughts please!!