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HTs have been last updated on 6/23/19.

Q: I had deals posted to the main site, why do I have a zero?

A: It's not updated automatically, post a link to your deal on the forum(*), the DDMS link, and the number HT it should be and Dan will update it.

(*)If your HT is already in the DDMS post there's no need to link to the forum thread.

Hat tips are not awarded for:
-Amazon "Deal of the Day".
-B&H deal zone.
-Discountmags sales
-Credit card deals.
-Deals that are only part of a roundup.
-Deals that were posted as part of a master thread when they belong in a new thread.
-Deals posted in the following boards: SH, GD, TT, TDR, JS, or GFST.
-Deals that are posted with a thread title that doesn't spell out the full deal
-Back in stock updates.
-Updates to old post.
-Recurring sales such as 7/11 slurpee day, Rita's 1st day of spring, Nordstrom Anniversary, half yearly or seasonal sales, Flying Blue Promos, IHG Pointsbreaks, etc

HT has always gone to who told me or posted first.
That includes but not limited to DDF, DDMS Comments, Facebook & E-mail.

There is no need to bump a request if it was made after the last updated date in this Wiki.

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Author Topic: Hat Tip Request Thread (Status for posting deals that are posted to main site)  (Read 268160 times)

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