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HTs have been last updated on 12/21/20.

Q: I had deals posted to the main site, why do I have a zero?

A: It's not updated automatically, post a link to your deal on the forum(*), the DDMS link, and the number HT it should be and Dan will update it.

(*)If your HT is already in the DDMS post there's no need to link to the forum thread.

Hat tips are not awarded for:
-Amazon "Deal of the Day".
-B&H deal zone.
-Discountmags sales
-Credit card deals.
-Deals that are only part of a roundup.
-Deals that were posted as part of a master thread when they belong in a new thread.
-Deals posted in the following boards: SH, GD, TT, TDR, JS, or GFST.
-Deals that are posted with a thread title that doesn't spell out the full deal
-Back in stock updates within 3 months of the last update
-Deals posted more than 3 months after a forum post
-Updates to old post.
-Recurring sales such as 7/11 slurpee day, Rita's 1st day of spring, Nordstrom Anniversary, half yearly or seasonal sales, Flying Blue Promos, IHG Pointsbreaks, etc

Limit of 1 HT Per DDMS Post Per User.   

HT has always gone to who told me or posted first.
That includes but not limited to DDF, DDMS Comments, Facebook & E-mail.

There is no need to bump a request if it was made after the last updated date in this Wiki.

New Bump Rule: A bump counts if it's been 3 months since last post. Same applies for DDF, if someone posted it within the past 3 months they get the HT.

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Author Topic: Hat Tip Request Thread (Status for posting deals that are posted to main site)  (Read 498427 times)

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