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In CLT, Chabad is the only Minyan, and it has daily Shacharis that's called for 6:30AM but practically doesn't start till 6:40AM. Mincha/Maariv is at Shkia. It's a 5 minute drive from there to Gleiberman's, the only Kosher grocery/restaurant in town. It's open every night, and closes around 7:30PM (at least this was in April before Pesach), which worked out well for getting some dinner and then going to Mincha/Maariv. Food was surprisingly reasonably priced for being out of town and was on the whole very good. You'll need to be patient with ordering and getting food unless you feel comfortable getting up and finding the waiter in the grocery and pushing things along, etc (which didn't seem to bother them). For $25, they delivered a week's worth of lunch meals pre-wrapped for oven warming to the hotel I was staying at for work. Jeff Gleiberman is a sweetheart who really tries hard to keep his store afloat and genuinely seems like he's doing it to help the community and guests. - @Yehuda
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Author Topic: North Carolina Master Thread  (Read 20564 times)

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Re: North Carolina Master Thread
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Anyone know about mens mikvaos in charrlotte? anything nearby?RAleigh maybe?
The head shliach of Charlotte has a men's mikvah in his house