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The KCI - Kashrut Committee of Ireland is the only Kashrus in Ireland.
The Rav Hamachshir is the Rabbi of the Dublin Hebrew Congregation Rabbi Lent - A Chabad Rabbi.

SuperValu has a great Kosher Section with Fresh bread, challah, cheese, frozen/fresh meat, vegetarian (Tivall) products, frozen meals (can be reheated in non kosher ovens), wine and other basics are also available.
Open till 10:30pm seven days a week.
Address: SuperValu Braemor Road, Churchtown, Dublin 14

Bread Irish Pride Bread is Kosher (Re Pas Yisroel The Oven is officially turned off twice a year around Christmas Day and middle of the year around June 30 - Both times it is turned back on by the Rabbi. Some rely on this some don't, mainly because in this case there is no system for alerting the Rabbi in case the factory experiences an issue. Frum people in Ireland rely on this bread for 3 weeks after the fire is re-lit.)

There is only one Kosher Certified caterer in Ireland, Melanie Stein.
Melanie cooks in the kosher kitchens of the Dublin Hebrew Congregation and is under basic supervision (ie there is not a mashgiach constantly on site).
Her email is
The Standard cooking is NOT glatt, nor cholov Yisroel or pas yisroel.
(In Development is a Mehadrin option - by RCArentals in conjunction with Melanie/Rabbi lent - updates to come.)

32a Rathfarnham Road, Dublin 6

Shabbos Meals
The Dublin Hebrew Congregation may be able to arrange Shabbos meals at local residents.
(There is a mandatory Donation of 36eur p/p.)
Email: with your, Names and Dates - requesting to be paired with Mehadrin if you specifically want mehadrin.
Typically Friday night guests are paired with Rabbi Lent.
Note: They cannot guarantee this - and it's a case by case request basis.



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Author Topic: Ireland Master Thread  (Read 13107 times)

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Re: Ireland Master Thread
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If you email they can send you the whole document along with helping arrange your shabbos meals if you need. Also the SuperValue mentioned above has a small kosher section with a number of products from the US and UK with hechshers. The packet the office will send you also contains a lengthy list of all kosher products in Ireland that you can find in regular supermarkets. Very helpful when you just want to buy a yogurt in the morning anywhere you are.

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Re: Ireland Master Thread
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Anyone order meals from Hinda Bloom?  What size were her portions? Can we share 2 meals for 3 people, or it's really enough just for 1?

I was thinking of hiring a "man with a van", rather than rent a car and a guide.
Does anyone have a recommendation for someone?