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Getting to Montreal:
Main airport - There is an express bus (#747) that goes direct from the airport to downtown for $10 CAD.

Plattsburgh is on the US side and therefore may provide cheaper flight options. About 1 hour drive to Montreal.

Burlington is on the US side and therefore may provide cheaper flight options. About 1.5 hour drive to Montreal.

Other transport:
-Heiman's Bus (~ 9 hrs) ~$140 RT
Bus from NYC to Montreal. Leaving every night arriving early morning.

-Amtrak (~ 10.5 hrs from NYC) ~$100-$120 RT
Train is much more comfortable than the bus. Schedule not as convenient, leaves early morning arrives late evening. Wi-Fi and Kosher snacks available.
Amtrak TRs here and here

-W hotel  (SPG)
Beautiful and highly recommended.

-Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
Regal hotel, excellent ambiance.

-Intercontinental/St James's


-Sheraton four points (SPG)
5 minute drive (w/o traffic) from kosher area.

Chabad area:
Quality Hotel - Decarie & Plamondon
Walking distance to entire Chabad area. Has kosher breakfast. Rooms are old and outdated. Not a luxury experience to say the least. Has a kosher restaurant on premises.

-Ruby Foo
About 15 minute walk from Chabad area.

Great Metro system that is pretty easy to follow.



Amusement parks/Thrill rides/Game Rooms:
-Casino (downtown)

-La Ronde
Six flag style amusement park

Beaches/Water Activities:
Boat ride at Old-port

Winter Activities:
-Mt Tremblant resort
Best skiing

-Mont St Sauveur
Good skiing. Less touristy.

-Snow tubing
-Ice Skating
-Ice village
Ile des Nieges

Montreal Canadiens (NHL - Hockey)

Alouettes (CFL - Football)

Impact (MLS - Soccer)

Other activities:
Beaver Lake/Mount Royal
Old Montreal
Jazz Festival
Comedy Festival
Old Port
-Olympic Stadium & Tower
Some felt this was an underwhelming experience.
-Underground city


-Botanical Gardens
Beautiful gardens, great for a date on a nice day.

Nearby Cities:
Ottawa (2 hours)
Quebec City (3 hours)
Boston (5 hours)
Toronto (5 hours)
Niagara Falls (7 hours)
NYC (7 hours)


- Google map of all the restaurants and stores on the Montreal Kosher website here (probably missed some, saved to my drive to enable edits, so feel free to update accordingly)

-Pizza Pita - Decarie (@ Plamondon) Great hours (open until 11pm? 4am M"S)
Great food all around. There is something here for everyone. Pizza is good, but the real treats lie elsewhere. Poutine is a must as is the pizza eggroll/wrap. Felafel and veggie burger are some of the best in Western hemisphere. Great salad and ice cream bars as well. Has a drive-through.
514-731-7482, 5345 Vezina, (NEW ADDRESS)

-Exception (Breakfast/Lunch) Queen Mary Rd.
Good breakfast menu. A bit pricey, but quality food. Delicious pizza

-Bistro Pizza Bar on Westminster

-District Bagel (Formerly Mount Royal Bagels) 709 Lucerne Rd.
 Authentic wood-oven bagels. Great flavors. Blueberry, cinnamon etc. Now available on Uber Eats

-Pizza Gourmetti on Victoria corner of Bourett

-Kosher Pizza Bar at Cavendish Mall in CSL

-Restaurant Mozart on Queen Mary

-Taty Pizza on Darlington

- Yakimono
Best kosher sushi, hands down. Nice ambiance for Montreal standards. Delicious french fries (order half regular and half sweet potato).
4210 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H4A 3K3 (514) 484-1515

- Metsuyan Sushi
2113 Rue Saint Louis, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1P1 (514) 744-2323

-CHIYOKO Sushi Bar & Steakhouse
2113 Rue Saint-Louis, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1P1
(514) 804-0581

- Metsuyan Sushi Express at Cavendish Mall in CSL
Certified by MK

- Saizen Sushi on Decarie
Certified by MK

- Chanoch's Sushi on Darlington

- Ernie & Ellie's (Chinese) Decarie Square Mall
Good Chinese food. They have a tasting menu (all you can eat style) once a week that some recommend.
Certified by MK

- Chops (upscale)
Good steakhouse

- Benny & Fils
4944 Queen Mary Rd, Montreal, QC H3W 1X3
(same owners as Chez Benny that closed)

- City Grill
5055 Queen Mary NEW!
Certified by MK

-Luzzatto At Ramada Plaza Glatt Kosher Fine Italian Cuisine
6445 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC H3W 3E1
Certified by CK (A new hechsher)

-The BSTRO / La Renaissance Gourmet
5663-A avenue Royalmount, Mont-Royal, QC H4P 2P9 (Industrial Park)
(514) 731-1862
Certified by MK

- CHIYOKO Sushi Bar & Steakhouse
2113 Rue Saint-Louis, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 1P1
(514) 804-0581
Certified by MK

-Deli 770
Comfy, kosher deli in a strip mall preparing sandwiches, charcuterie & salads to eat in or take out.
265 Alexis-Nihon Blvd, Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2A4
(514) 748-0770
Certified by Chabad of Montréal

- Jerusalem Express at Cavendish Mall

- Deli Boys (Sorsky's) at Cavendish Mall
Certified by MK

- Chez Benny (American/Israeli) Queen Mary Rd.
Fast food/cafeteria style. Delicious Shawarma.

- Kimly Kosher at Cavendish Mall Closed

- The Grill (American) Decarie & Plamondon in the Quality Hotel
Decent food, about what you would expect for something called "the grill"

-Mega Burger on Decarie Closed

- Deli365 (heimish takeout)
365 Bernard

- Oinegs (heimish takeout)
360 st viateur  Montreal, QC H2V4G9
(514) 277-3600

- Adar on Westminster

- Fooderie - Mid-Town (Formally Montreal Kosher) in Wilderton Shopping Center

- One Stop Kosher on Darlington

- Cheskies
The cheese muffins had an indescribably great flavor. The flaky cheese danish with confectioners sugar and large cheese florets were equally great. You really can’t go wrong with any of the other cheese baked goods.
359 Rue Bernard Ouest, Montréal, QC H2V 4H3
(514) 271-2253

- Westminster gourmet - Cote St. Luc

- Kosher Quality on Victoria corner of Bourret

- Montreal Kosher, three different locations with main branch on Victoria.

- Citi Cachere on Van Horne close to Victoria

- Mount Royal Bagel (Bagels) Jean Talon [See above District Bagel]

- Paradise Kosher in DDO (Bakery, Takeout, Meat - a mini market)

- Sprinklz Now changed to Glidaz under new management
Fun self-serve yogurt. Some Cholov Yisroel and Pareve choices. Charged by weight.

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Where is the best place for authentic charcuterie? I found Amsellem but want to know if it's good and what else is out there.