Author Topic: Notification Thread For Urgent Deals (POST DEAL LINKS ONLY-NO DISCUSSION)  (Read 765 times)

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The idea in signing up for notifications is to prevent you from missing out on a good time-sensitive deal that you might have otherwise overlooked. By signing up for notifications you will get an email every time someone writes a posts in this thread.
  • This thread is meant for time-sensitive deals only--it is not meant for good deals that will last.
  • Please post a link to the thread with the deal, do not follow up with posts in this thread.
  • Please do not discuss the merits of this thread, or lack of thereof, here. You can start a new thread for that purpose.
  • Please remember that when posting here you are, in effect, automatically sending out emails to all members who have signed up. Be sure that you post merits their time.
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