Author Topic: Dell XPS 15 - which screen to get?  (Read 86 times)

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Dell XPS 15 - which screen to get?
« on: December 03, 2019, 05:21:37 PM »
My current XPS 9550 is almost 4 years old and due for a replacement, especially with some good deals and stackable offers at the moment. I'm planning to get a new 7590 with i7-9750/1 TB SSD/16 GB RAM. I just need to decide about the screen.

The choices are 4k OLED, 4k IPS, and 1080p. I only care about the best long-term performance, so price difference isn't an issue, and I have no value for touch screen.

My primary usage is Microsoft Word and Chrome browsing. I have a BenQ projector for any media I want to watch in sharper detail.

Normally I would get 4k OLED since it's supposed to be the most beautiful screen, but I'm a little worried about long-term burn-in, and other QC issues I've seen reported on the OLED screens such as banding.

So I could get 4k IPS non-touch, but I've read that it may be non-noticeable overkill on a 15" screen that just drains the battery, even though I usually work plugged in.

So I could just get 1080, but it seems strange that to still be buying a 1080 screen on a such a powerful laptop that I plan to use for 4+ years.

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