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Flatbush/ CH Dairy 
Amazon Cafe- Kings Highway
Bagel Hole- Ave J
Bagel Hole- Coney Island Ave
Bagels and Cheese- Ave M
Bagels n Greens- Coney Island Ave
Bennys Pizza- Ave J
Bennys Pizza- Ave M
Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse
Cafe K- 18th Ave (on the border)
Cafe K- Ave K
Cafe Hadar- Ave N
Cafe Renaissance- Kings Highway
Cafe Venezia- Coney Island Ave
Calabria -266 Kingston Ave
Carvel- Coney Island Ave
Chadash Pizza- Ave M
Day5- Coney Island Ave
Hummus Point- Ave L
J II Pizza- Ave J
J II Pizza- Ave M
Joseph Dream Burger - Coney Island Ave.
Pescada- Ave P
Pescada- Ave M
Pizza Time- Ave J
Posh Tomato- Ave M *CLOSED??
Redefined Coffee
Savor Cafe - Nostrand and Ave P
Spoons- Ave J
Sunflower Cafe- Kings Highway
Sushi Tokyo- Coney Island Ave
Sushi Tokyo- Kings Highway
Taam Mevorach- Ave U
Tea for Two- Nostrand Ave
That Sushi Spot- Nostrand Ave
Boro Park Dairy
Amnons Pizza- 13th Ave (Open til 1am)
Bagels n Greens- 13th Ave
Bagels n Greens- 18th Ave
Bagels and more- 14th Ave.@43st (best chewy bagels) tartikov bh"d
Bennys Pizza- 13th Ave
BLEU Fine Dairy Dining
Cafe Paris- 16th Ave
Chaval Al Hazman- 12th Ave
J II Pizza- 18th Ave.
Kaff Kafe- 16th Ave
Mendelsohns- 18th Ave
Nu Cafe 47- New Utrecht Ave
Orchidea- 12th Ave
Siena Ristorante Bar
Spoons- 50th st
Flatbush Meat
Bison and Bourbon - Gowanus
Brooklyn Delight - Coney Island Ave (Closed)
Brooklyn Steak Co.- Ave M
The Canteen (Nostrand)
Carlos and Gabbys- Coney Island Ave
Chap a Nosh- Ave M
Crisp- Nostrand Ave
Danny's Smokehouse NEW (Kings Highway)
Davids Restaurant- Kings Highway
El Guacho- 18th Ave (border) Closed
Essen- Coney Island Ave
Estihana- Ave J
Famous Pita- Coney Island Ave (Closed)
Fujihana- Ave U
Glatt ala Cart
Glatt Coney- Coney Island between L and M
Glatt Kosher (Chinese)- 18th Ave (border)
Jerusalem Steakhouse- Ave J
Jerusalem Steakhouse- Ave M (Closed)
KDX - Ave J
Kold Kuts- Ave K
Kosher Delight- Ave J (Closed)
Mabat- E 7 st (off of Kings Highway)
Mainhouse BBQ (Mill Basin)
Mr. Nosh- Ave N
Nosh Express- Nostrand Ave
Olympic Pita- Coney Island Ave
Olympic Pita - Flatlands Ave
On The Grill- Flatlands Ave (Closed)
Pita Off the Corner- E 2nd st (off Kings Highway)
Schnitzi- Coney Island Ave
Subsational- Coney Island Ave
T Fusion Steakhouse- Quentin Rd
Tam Tam Express - 1637 East 17th (Closed)
Upside Craft Burger (Border/Old El Gaucho location)
Wolf and Lamb- Coney Island Ave
Boro Park Meat
Burgers & Q-New Utrecht
China Glatt- 13th Ave
Deli 52- 13th Ave
Glatt Ala Carte- 18th Ave
The Loft- 40th St near 13th Ave
Schnitzi- New Utrecht Ave
Sub Express - 13th Ave
Sizzle- 13th Ave
VIP- 13th Ave

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Author Topic: Brooklyn Restaurants  (Read 262462 times)


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Re: Brooklyn Restaurants
« Reply #2565 on: February 21, 2020, 01:28:11 PM »
How many Brooklyn restaurant are only available via Uber Eats?
Explain please??

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Re: Brooklyn Restaurants
« Reply #2566 on: February 21, 2020, 01:30:17 PM »
Explain please??
IINM there are definitely at least a couple of restaurants that donít exist outside of the online delivery world, as in they donít have a place you can come eat in/pick up. A bunch of people have mentioned it here in the past.
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Re: Brooklyn Restaurants
« Reply #2567 on: March 03, 2020, 04:11:16 PM »
Any places in Brooklyn with tables that kids can color on? (like dougies years ago on 18th ave)