Author Topic: Brother Printer Tip: Toner Issues, and how I resolved it.  (Read 5114 times)

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I have the HL2270-DW.

The toner light went on.
The pages were still printing in crisp clear black.
But the printer refused to print.

I called Brother to trouble shoot it.
They did a series of tests, and told me I am out of toner.
BUT they can put in a system override to allow me to continue printing.

Press the GO (start) button 7 times fast.

Presto, printed over 50 pages since then :)

What a scam to get you to change your toner early!


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Re: Brother Printer Tip: Toner Issues, and how I resolved it.
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2015, 11:30:35 PM »
I have the Brother HL-L2320D
I, too, had crisp black copies when the toner light went on and refuses to print.
Googled it:  I got your solution with a more elaborate oning and offing.  It doesn't work.
Goggle also: Put tape over the glass sensor on the toner cartridge.  So the printer sees that the cartridge is full.

I can't find my sensor.  My model is not in any of the youtube videos showing this or any pictures that I could find.   
Toner  Brother TN-630 and TN-660    Where is the sensor?

ETA: My last reset using the 'press the 'go' button 7 times rapidly' must have worked.  It looked like it didn't work, so I wrote this and another post asking for help. I guess it needed time to rest and turn off it's 'need toner' light.   
I'd still love to know where the sensor window is, but my printer is now working without installing a new cartridge of toner.
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