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Properties not to use these for if AH wont check in:

2- IC Dubai per 12hrs
3- I had issues at the IC Paris. They only let me check in after the account holders emailed the hotel with their passport info and permission foe me to use their free night.

WARNING:  Don't  do this transaction with     (nuttha_s).  This person has defrauded two sellers recently. He repeatedly calls the hotel pretending to be the account owner, then during  check in, he checks in with multiple people and hotel cancels the reservation and you will end up with loss of your free night cert and hotel will even charge you cancellation fee.  Something very fishy.  What really is going on is very suspicious! I added the 2nd guest name he wanted via IHG rep on phone  He will then dispute the payment with paypal  for full refund. Won't settle or compromise. In the end, you lost the free night and the money he paid you is gone with paypal dispute..  He or she may come with different nickname but remember he is she is based in Thailand.
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Author Topic: IHG nights for sale  (Read 314288 times)

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Re: IHG nights for sale
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Selling 1 40K cert for $85, Platinum Elite
Expires 8/31/21