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Inter-Thailand Flights   Bangkok Airways (PG)

PG flights are bookable on points through JAL, CX, EY and AB.

Required Mileage: Transferable from SPG. JAL uses a distance based award chart and allows up to a maximum of 7 stopovers (8 segments). To figure out how many points you will need, add up the total amount of miles that will be flown (can do this on and then find the appropriate row in the award chart ( If you are traveling before 3/31/2017 there is a promotion for trips up to 4,000 miles (see for reduced mileage rates). The promotion makes JAL the best award redemption option for PG flights. 

Booking the Flight: The only way to find out if there is availability on the flight that you want is to call JAL. Recommended that you do so before transferring points. JAL doesn't allow you to hold a reservation so you have to hope that the flight doesn't get booked up while you're waiting for the point transfer to go through. Once the points post to your JAL account, call JAL back to book.
+1 800-525-3663 (5:00 - 18:00 PT) press 1 - 4 - JAL membership number - # - pin - # - 0 (for human or 1 for computer search)

Traveling with Infant: Tell JAL that you are flying with a lap child. They will put the infant on the reservation, but they will also tell you that you need to call PG directly to get the infant's ticket issued and pay for any taxes etc. JAL will only charge you for the adults on the reservation. Unless you speak Thai, calling PG won't work (when you press 9 for English when calling any of the Asian offices, the message will tell you to go to their website, and the office in Germany can't issue tickets). To add the infant, send an email to with your confirmation number and tell them you want to have the lap infant's ticket issued. They will email you back with the price (data point: it was ~$96USD for CNX-USM-HKG for me) and ask you to reply with your cc info split into two separate emails for security (one email with first 8 digits, exp. and name on card, second email with last 8 digits, cvv, and billing address). I believe they only take Visa or MC. You'll then get an email back with confirmation.

Baggage Allowance: Economy passengers are allowed 20kg, infants (and dolls) are allowed 10kg. Excess weight on domestic flights will incur a charge of 80thb ($2.25ish) per kilo. International overage fee chart can be found here. Join the PG FlyingBonus program to receive an additional 10kg.

Contacting PG: In general, if you have any questions, the only way to speak with them in English besides email is PG Live Chat. You can find the link if you log in to your Flyer Bonus account. Chat reps are very helpful.


Required Mileage:

Required Mileage:

Required Mileage:

Bangkok   BKK/DMK

Hotels                                              Activities                                          Chabad                                                                Additional Info
Viengtai Hotel (Ohr Menachem)
Davis Hotel (Beth Elisheva)
Shangr-La (Even Chen)
Sheraton Resort (Hua Hin)
Riva Surya
Kao Sahn Rd
Night Markets (near stadium)
Shopping Malls
Grand Palace
Kanchanaburi (2 hrs away)
Floating Markets
Beth Elisheva (Financial & Shopping district)
Even Chen
Ohr Menachem (Kao Sahn Rd)
ALWAYS use meter in taxis and
   try to say destination in Thai - if you
   need help with numbers as Cbs ;)
(Free) sim in airport at kiosks -(true move(h- sim), dtac
   (happy(micro) sim for iPhone)
Songkran (water fight week)- April 13th!
BKK Luggage Lockers - 100 baht/day/bag (~$3)
Public Transport
Domestic flights:
   Air Asia, Tiger Air, Thai, Bangkok Air

Phuket/Patong/Koh Phi Phi/Krabi   HKT/KBV

Hotels                                                            Activities                                                                            Additional Info
JW Marriott
Sala Resort
Sheraton Krabi
The Pavilions
Holiday Inn Koh Phi Phi
Ritz Carlton Reserve
places w/ private pools
Monkey Show
Cable Skiing
Longtail Boats
Island Tour
Koh Phi Phi:
Fire Show (wed is biggest)
Maya Bay (full day trip)
Nice Lookouts
Kayaking (to Monkey Beach)
Thai Boxing
Beware of summer weather; monsoon season
Best weather: Jan - May
Island Tour (can be done as a day trip or overnight):
   Andaman River, Maya Bay, Similian Islands, Krabi Islands,
   Koh Lanta (Emerald Cave)

Koh Samui   USM

Hotels                                                            Activities                                                                          Additional Info
The Conrad
Sunday Resort
Le Meridian
The W
Le Murrya (Near Chabad)
Fx Hotel (Near Chabad)
Diving (Koa Phangan, Koh Tao)
Ang Thong Marine Park Islands
Water Sports (at chaweng and boh phut),
Safari Island (elephants, tigers, zip line)
Scooter (around island)
Kayaking $30
Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan Island trip w/ snorkeling
The Conrad will gladly make arrangements with
   the Chabad restaurant for Kosher food. Email them at

Chiang Mai   CNX

Hotels                                                            Activities                                                                            Additional Info
Le Meridien (10 min. Walk to Chabad)
Shangri La (2 min. Walk to Chabad)
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
Sukantara Cascade Resort
Maese Elephant Show
Maetaeng Elephant Park
Patara Elephant Farm
Thai Elephant Home
Thoms Pai Elephant Camp
Bamboo Rafting
Tiger Kingdom
Monkey Shows
Snake Shows
Crocodile Shows
Zip Lining
White Water Rafting
Longneck Tribe
Gun Shooting
Night Safari
Chiang Mai River Boat (To Cooking School)
Extreme Sports!
Rent motorbikes (5$ day)
3D museum right down the road from Chabad
   (if you have an hour or two to kill)
Sunday Market (ratchadamonoen  Rd, old city)
Night Market (Changklan Rd, near Chabad & Le Meridien)
Sat Night Market (Wua Lai)
Tiger Kingdom is best in morning
Use ישראל 669  as travel agent for trips
   (next door to Chabad)
Recommended Zip Line: Flight of Gibbon or Flying Squirrel,
   can be reserved through Yackov (המרכז המטייל)
   for best price.
When reserving tours, ask for a discount due to
   using your own transportation
   CM Tailors
His and Hers- 3 minute walk from LM on the way to chabbad.

Chiang Rai   CEI/4hr drive from CNX

Hotels                                                            Activities                                                                            Additional Info
Le Meridien
Four Seasons Tent Camp Golden Triangle
Black House
Queens Residence
Night market
Day trip to Burma/Myanmar
White Temple
Ruaamit elephant camp
Pai village (3 hr drive)
Hot Springs
Golden Triangle

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Author Topic: Thailand Master Thread  (Read 320525 times)

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4110 on: November 20, 2018, 06:16:31 AM »
Anyone here been in Thailand in August? Was the rain as bad as the forecasts make it seem?
Depends where.

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4111 on: December 04, 2018, 01:07:25 AM »
Hi, anyone here that has actually spent Pesach in Chiang mai with Chabad? We didn't want to join a program so rented a villa close by and just booked flights for 2019... we plan on bringing the basics as back up but relying on buying from the restaurant on chol hamoed, and chabad hospitality for the rest of yom tov meals (with a nice donation of course! :-)) any thoughts / or anything that I would not be aware of? Everyone talks about the seder there with hundreds of people, just haven't been able to find out anything specific as far as experiences with the rest of it (I know that the chiang mai chabad is smaller than the other ones but hopefully will still work out.) thanks!!!

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4112 on: December 16, 2018, 02:57:03 PM »
Anyone here that spent shabbos in the Conrad USM?

I arrive in USM Tuesday am, and have a flight HKG back to TLV Sunday night. I'm trying to decide if it's better to stay in USM for shabbos, or go somewhere that might be closer to a Chabad.

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4113 on: January 24, 2019, 12:14:52 PM »
Anyone here been in Thailand in August? Was the rain as bad as the forecasts make it seem?

Was there a few years ago for 3 weeks in August around a decent portion of the country. Rained like twice no need to worry.
Chaing mai will be cooler area as well as pai. Koh samui and nearby islands are hot but beachy so its easy to get cool. Bangkok was extremely hot. I would reccomend spending almost all your time in the other areas compared to bangkok.

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4114 on: February 10, 2019, 12:19:48 AM »
In BKK, only the Ohr Menachem Chabad has a restaurant?

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4115 on: February 10, 2019, 04:32:24 AM »

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4116 on: February 14, 2019, 11:02:03 PM »
I got a PM from "yossef613" regarding earlier post but could not reply as his mailbox was full ... ?
so if he see this, delete some messages :-)

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Re: Thailand Master Thread
« Reply #4117 on: February 16, 2019, 06:41:48 PM »

I just cleared my ONE message (which apparently took up 100% of my message space), so I look forward to hearing from you.  Shavua too, and thanks so much in advance!