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Kosher Food/ Restaurants:
Kosher Bakery - breakfast and lunch
-Alef Alef - Fleishig. Closed in the Afternoon. district 1 on juden gasse (jew street). Good place to eat on shabbos. Under the hashgacha of rabbi schwartz
-Ainhorn Butcher -Shawarma and Shnitzel. Under the hashgacha of rabbi schwartz
-Simchas Butcher
-Kosher Hotel in Saltzburg Austria.  Hotel Alpen Karawanserai not kosher anymore as of Jul 19, 2022 email from hotel
-Novellino       Dairy
-Shalom caterers in Vienna.
-Bahur Tov Meat Resturant
-Shefa Market. Fully Stocked Grocery Store, and Dairy Cafe

Ohel Moshe
-Mizrachi am Judenplatz. They have daily minyanim
-Templegasse (Earliest Minyan)

Things to Do:
-Kaver of the Chasam Sofer in Bratislava is only a hour out of Vienna. Please note that the memorial is closed most of the year but can be opened by appointment. Call +421-948-554442 or email to make an appointment.
-Jewish tour in midtown
-Beautiful Streets -Kaertner Strasse, Mariahilfer Strasse, Der Ring. In the inner city with great stores (clothing, etc), cafes and old buildings that make it lots of fun to stroll around in.
-Museum of Sound
-Shonbrunn palace (district 13) this is the main residence of kaiser franz joseph (who happened to be agreat friend of the jews). the property is larger than the whole of Monaco.  It is a 5 minute subway ride From district 3 which is where the CAT train (takes 16 minutes from the airport) drops you off if you are coming from the airport.
-KUNSTHISTORISCHES Museum - is an art museum but it also has many objects that were made for the Habsburg emporers
-IMPERIAL PALACE- it's in hofburg which was the center of the Habsburg empire. Today in the palace there are 3 museums about the life of the imperial court. 1. The Imperial Apartments with their original furnishings and decoration 2. the Sisi Museum about  the empress' life, and 3. the Imperial Silver Collection which contains a collection of tableware and other stuff from the habsburg dynasty.
1) (district 1, the center of town).

-Spg: Bristol
-Spg: Imperial
-Spg: Do&co
-Hyatt: Park Hyatt Vienna
-IHG: Intercontinental
-Hilton Plaza Vienna
-Spg: Le Meridien

Hotel Stefanie is very accommodating for Shabbos.. they have physical keys etc. And is around the corner from Ohel Moshe

Getting Around:
-Uber and Mytaxi (App)
-Vienna is a small city (although on the map it looks quite large) and has a great public transportation network which is easy to navigate.
-Driver - Motty Hammer 43 676 848044718

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Author Topic: Vienna Master Thread  (Read 119394 times)

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Re: Vienna Master Thread
« Reply #420 on: February 21, 2024, 11:31:24 PM »
I'll be in Vienna for 14 hours next week, would appreciate suggestions for where to go/what to do in one day
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Re: Vienna Master Thread
« Reply #421 on: February 22, 2024, 06:00:03 AM »
Breakfast at Novelino. Walk to the historic district and through the shopping area. See and visit Hofburg Palace and related buildings, walk back to old Jewish area and have dinner at Aleph Aleph and grab non-stop bus back to airport.