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Before you post, here are some quick notes about the ring (Updated August 2019), that have been discussed in this forum:

- More important that anything else - AYLOR before you buy as YMMV
- There are two types of Ring Doorbells - those that are battery powered (Doorbell/Doorbell 2/View Cam), and those that are hardwired (Pro/Pro Elite)
- Disabling the Wifi works to prevent recordings, and disabling motion zones won't alert you, but most people still think that ring will still be triggered on by motion
- There are many tools with modern Wi-fi routers - Circle, Google Wi-fi, etc that enable you to cut off your rings Wi-Fi on a schedule or manually
- If you have a hard-wired Ring, you can add a switch to the circuit to completely turn it off before Shabbos
- Some people have a manual switch, others have added a programmable relay.
- Other people cover the doorbell

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Author Topic: Disabling Ring doorbell for shabbos  (Read 25471 times)

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Re: Disabling Ring doorbell for shabbos
« Reply #225 on: March 16, 2021, 02:05:22 PM »
I see that ring 2 is on sale this month at Costco.  Is there any updated information on how to avoid Shabbos  issues.  I will be happy to hire someone that knows how to set this up properly for Shabbos

take battery out
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