Author Topic: How to lower the resolution of a picture/take picture capped at a certain sizeMB  (Read 584 times)

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I have many times where I need to upload a picture and the Max I can upload is 1MB.

While most my phones take a picture at 2:34 or 5 plus megabytes.

Is there an app that restricts what size the picture can be taken at or an app to compress the picture?

 What's my options here what do you guys usually do a?

Use a flip phone to take the picture and then send it?
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Simple way that I've done:
Open the picture in paint, click resize, choose pixels, backspace one digit, apply and save.

I actually used it in the opposite direction: to put pictures from my computer on my (dumb) phone.
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My messaging app (QKSMS) has an option to auto compress mms attachments to preferred size between 100kb and 2000kb. texting the picture to myself then automatically resizes it for me