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LG classic
Where to buy: Amazon in stock sometimes.
Best Buy Pickup

Net 10 (Plan purchase required)

Network supported:

(all devices support all networks or you need to check the specs before you buy)

Plans available while locked in with tracfone: many, see tracfone's website. Unlimited talk and text for $20/mo ($5 discount for 2 months with autopay)

For new accounts activated with Tracfone, use this referral code for 8,000 points(worth 4 months of service free). Must be activated within 2 weeks of activating service/making an account.
 Copy and paste code.

Can the browser be locked: Yes (TAG can do it for a one-time fee)
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Re: LG Classic
« Reply #520 on: May 28, 2023, 07:31:08 PM »
Phone says itís ineligible to unlock. Itís a phone from a while back. Why would that be?
If you're referring to "reconditioned" phones, what may have happened was that it was originally purchased with a plan (and officially activated but never actually used), before the rules changed in 2021, and then returned before being sold to you as reconditioned, so you'd need 12 months of actual service to unlock as opposed to simply activating and waiting 60 days. This is what Tracfone CS once claimed to me, no idea if it fully makes sense or if it's true.