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Filters for PC:
Call TAG 718-225-5824 (718-Call-TAG)           8-12/mo 95-140/yr per 2 devices (Windows)            9.49/mo 99.49/yr per device (Windows)            free           10-12/mo per device 9-10/mo additional (Android and Windows)            9.50/mo 89/yr per device /           15.99/mo unlimited devices scree captures (Android, iOS, PC, Mac)           40/yr 55/yr per device (Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook [iOS coming soon]) - randomly captures and shares screenshots with accountability partner.                                    5-16/mo 50-160/yr (ranging from 1-unlimited devices)
==built on Livigent==                      8-15/mo per device                   39/qtr per device

More info see


For Windows Phone

For Android (Free android filter)

For iPhone/iPad/iOs
Check out their quite easy and powerful content restrictions.
Suggestion: Have someone else have the password (or half and half with a spouse) and do the following:
Lock installing apps + remove browser + add apps you need (possible rules: no games, no sports, no entertainment, etc.).
[Occasionally an app will have a built in browser/or need to access a certain website - just go back in to settings (with password) and add that website].
There is time restrictions and more features too.
(May not be enough for teenagers - consult your own advisers - this solution sure beats doing nothing and there is no excuse)

DNS (can be used in routers or directly in PC)

Pricing info may not be accurate and is only on full filters (not email only), feel free to correct, and does not include installation costs. I am working on a comprehensive comparison list
here it is
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Author Topic: Internet Filters  (Read 313392 times)

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Re: Internet Filters
« Reply #2460 on: September 10, 2020, 06:17:19 PM »
I haven't tried them.

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Re: Internet Filters
« Reply #2461 on: September 10, 2020, 07:10:38 PM »
Thanks! which one do you recommend?
Just based on the specs on the page,

The tag one has been updated more recently, and looks like it's more customizable and bug free.

The other one hasn't been updated since 2017 and says clearly it's under development.

They both have similar size user bases though.