Author Topic: Which Honeywell 7 Day timer do you Use at home?  (Read 212 times)

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Which Honeywell 7 Day timer do you Use at home?
« on: October 03, 2019, 04:58:09 PM »
There seems to be 2 different types, one with a 40W min and that one will work with a 3 pole.
The 2nd option is a no minimum one but only works with a single pole.

   Now since I don't own any of them, is it in fact true LED won't work with the 3 pole 40W minimum like it says in the description?
  Because I need a few 3 pole switches/timers and I only seem to find the 40w minimum Ones offering a 3 way pole , and the single pole which works for LED but I need a few 3 pole.

   They make 2 version of the 40w min and then 2 of the no minimum ones.

Here's all 4 from Honeywell..

40Watt Minimum and works with 3 pole but says not compatible with LED?

No minimum but only has a 1 pole connection...

 Any feedback would be appreciated.

 Here's another two threads but doesn't seem to answer my question.
Any threads about Shabbos timers? Like a Honeywell 7 day timer? Or only the troubleshooting thread from iz?
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