Author Topic: Purchasing real estate in Israel -- help / gameplan w. mortgage, logistics, etc!  (Read 2776 times)

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my sister is buying a house in israel bez"h. is it possible to take out an american mortgage to buy in Israel? anyone have any experience with this? bec the Israeli mortgage rates are crazy! also any other advice? thanx alot!
Indeed the rates are ridiculous! I doubt you'll get a loan in USA to buy in Israel. Also, transferring/exchanging that amount of money to Israel is rough because of the poor exchange rate. 

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I actually ended up purchasing an apartment... I spoke with a lot of people regarding mortgages... The rates are high but you need to shop and haggle.. We were able to lower each of the tracks between 0.7 -2% from our original offer. Theres also a forum in hebrew called tapuz where people post offers they've gotten... GL
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