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Doesn't say how long this promo will last but basically, click here, put in your Marriott number, connect via FB and/or other social networks and then like/follow 8 of their hotel pages. You get 250 points per like and can get 2000 points max per 30 days. You must stay 'liked' to each page for 1 week to get the points. You'll get a confirmation email from each page you liked a few hours after you liked it. It seems like you can unlike the pages after the 1 week, and as it says per month, it seems like you can just re-like those same pages after 30 days to get your new 2000 points. It's also possible that 'per month' means you can't do this unliking and re-liking shtick, but can like 8 new pages (that you haven't liked yet) every 30 days. I guess we'll find out 30 days from now.
(Side point: I personally only wanted to use Twitter for this, but it seems like you need to connect to FB before you can connect to other social networks. Once I connected to Twitter, I unlinked my FB and just followed 8 Twitter handles.)

The above link lists all the hotels that participate, but it annoyingly does not list the hotels' social networking sites, so here's a list of some direct links for pages that definitely worked and sent confirmation emails. It doesn't matter which pages you like, just get 8 of them and make sure you get 8 confirmation emails.


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Author Topic: Free Marriott Rewards for fb / twitter liking  (Read 24581 times)

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Re: Free Marriott Rewards for fb / twitter liking
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Any clawback for those that got 2000 points instead of 1500 on Super Bowl Sunday?

I didnt get clawed back for the last week where they awarded me 7x