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Map of Jewish Paris
Kosher Paris Map
Kosher List-July 2015 or Here.

RESTAURANTS (the best of)

There are hundreds of kosher restaurants in Paris.  The locals generally don't eat the meat under Beis Din as they don't require Glatt meat.  But they will eat everything else under Beis din.

Search for restaurants by cuisine and hashgocha here.

Sar Eden19thOurcq-5BakeryRottenbergOrganic bakery
Charles Traiteur19thOurcq-5BakeryBeth-Din
Charles Traiteur20thSaint-Mandé-1BakeryBeth-Din
Charles Traiteur11thRue-Des-Boulets-9BakeryBeth-Din
Charles Traiteur16thVictor-Hugo-2BakeryBeth-Din
Charles Traiteur17thWagram-3BakeryBeth-Din
Charles Traiteur Halavi17thWagram-3BakeryBeth-Din Chalavi
Korcarz4thSaint-paul-1BakeryBeth-DinIn the Marais
Ardely’s19thOurcq-5Milk ChocolateKatz
Damyel19thOurcq-5Parve ChocolateRottenberg
L’As Du Fallafel4thSaint-paul-1FallafelBeth-Dinin the Marais
L’Inte Cafe12thMiromesnil-9,13DairyBeth-Din15 minute walk from the Park Hyatt
Kosher pizza4thSaint-paul-1PizzaRottenberg
Pitzman4thSaint-paul-1DairyRottenbergIn the Marais
Le Shine17thPorte Maillot-1ChineseLubavitchnear the Arc
Soumsoum11thVoltaire- 9MeatLubavitchGreat Israeli restaurent, there is a second one in the 8th
Doron ba Laïla19thGare Saint-Lazare 3-12-13-14MeatRottenbergNice meat restaurant
Thai One2ndSentier-3MeatRottenberg
Le XXV16thTrocadéro-9-6BakeryRottenberg Chalavi
Le XXV8thTernes-2BakeryRottenberg Chalavi

-Segway Tour. Please do not PM Ergel with requests for coupon codes. The codes are long dead
-Seine River Tour
-Eiffel Tour (Metro: Trocadero -6,9)
-Versailles Palace and Gardens. Never wait on line to buy tickets. 1. Use museum pass 2. Buy in advance 3. There are vending machines near the bathrooms (you have to poke around to find them) without lines. (if you go during a really busy time and the line seems endlessly long, go to the gardens first and return to the palace in the afternoon when lines are shorter). To get an audio guide, you usually proceed across the Royal Courtyard after passing security. If the lines for the audio guides are long, turn left in the Courtyard, to the Apartments of the daughter's of Louis XV’s. There you'll find another counter where you can get audio guides, with no lines at all. You can then exit the apartments and continue along the tour, bypassing the longer line.
-Louvre Art Museum (Closed Tuesday) (Metro: Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre -1,7) Shushan/Purim artifacts that can be seen at the Louvre, per the book Purim and the Persian Empire.
-D'Orsay Art Museum (Closed Monday) (Metro: Solférino -12)
-Musée de l'Orangerie des Tuileries (closed Tuesday) small museum featuring Monet's lilies (Metro Concorde: -1,8,12)
-Centre Georges Pompidou modern art museum open 11-9. closed tuedays (Metro: Rambuteau -11)
-Tuileries Gardens. (Metro: Tuileries -1)
-Paris sewer museum Smells really bad but an interesting look at the sewer system
-Champs Elysees shopping (Metro: Champs-Élysées - Clemenceau -1,13)
-Arc de Triomphe (Metro: Charles de Gaulle - Étoile -1,2,6)
-Operan National De Paris opera house. tours daily 11:30 and 2:30. Admission included in Museum Pass, tour extra
-Montmartre (Great neighborhood to walk around with boutiques, artists, and great views, and a funicular that kids will love) (Metro: abbesses -12, Anvers -2)
-The Great Synagogue (La Victoria) is beautiful but the main shul is only open on Shabbos mornings for Shacharis, but definitely worthwhile if you're there over Shabbos (Metro: Notre-Dame-de-Lorette -12)

-Park Hyatt Paris (Hyatt cat 7) is an outstanding value for your points. They used to give a phenomenal kosher breakfast but now it's barely even worth requesting.  Still rooms are a decent size for Paris, the Spa facilities are very nice, and the intoxicating smell used throughout the hotel for forever be linked with the romance of Paris. Ideally located between the Opera and Tuileries metro stations.
The Park Hyatt has free parking, though driving and parking elsewhere in Paris is very difficult.
The Park Hyatt has also complimentary bikes for guests.
There is a backdoor for entry on shabbos.

-The InterContinental Paris - Le Grand is not far from the Park Hyatt. It cost 70k IHG points per night or you can use IHG free nights. It is a good alternitive if the PH is not available or if you don't have/don't want to spend 30k Hyatt points per night.

-The Westin (SPG cat 6) is not as luxurious at the Park Hyatt but is located nearby and does the trick if you only have Starpoints and not Chase or Hyatt points.

Shabbos meals:
-Chabad of Champs Elysees has great shabbos meals and you're sure to bump into other tourists there as well to share tips.
It is a 30 minute walk to the Park Hyatt, but the walk is quite lovely via the Tuileries Gardens and the Champs Elysees.
Reservations are required:
-if you don't/can't eat at Chabad, they suggest getting takeout from Ben & Cook located in the 8th. Hashgacha: rabbinate Lubavitch De France 33 1 45 61 03 95. 35 Euro for 2 challas, 2 dips, meatballs with noodles or veggies for 2. they close at 3pm on Fridays (in the summer). call for more info

There is no eruv in Paris. Consider taking the metro to shul with your talis bag along with return tickets for motzei shabbos.

Transport from CDG:
-If you are going to the Opera area you can take the RoissyBus (pronounced Wahsee-Boos as you will get blank stares if you ask for the Royzee-Bus) which goes there nonstop. You can pay by credit card in the RoissyBus waiting station or on the bus.  The cost is €10.  It is a 5 minute walk to the Park Hyatt.

-There are also train options from CDG: the subway is located in terminal 2E/2F, to get to paris its ligne B (Blue) it should take approximately 30minutes to get to Gare Du Nord
it cost 9€10 each way per person

- Mendy Taxi: 0(1133) 6 50 99 82 93
- Shimon taxi: 0(1133)6 98 27 16 08

- Uber, Txfy, Chauffeur prive, le Cab are the best option to get to paris cheapest and fastest

The subway is fast, efficient, and cheap. A book of 10 tickets is 13,30€ for adults and 6,65€ for kids.
The subway closes between 12:30 and 2am.

Streetwise Paris cannot emphasize enough, this is really a must. Of course, if you have GMaps and data you don't need this map unless you really like paper.

Rick Steves' Paris 2013
Fodor's Paris 2013 (Full-color Travel Guide)

Other Tips
-If you plan on visiting several of the items covered by the Museum Pass - make sure to check it out and price out your options.  Many times it is worth it to get a one-day or multi-day Museum Pass to save some money and more importantly, time (see link for more details:
-Double check days when museums/sites are closed as many do close on different days of the week.
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Author Topic: Paris Master Thread  (Read 777369 times)

Online Hjay

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Re: Paris Master Thread
« Reply #3700 on: January 27, 2023, 01:40:44 PM »
what time is Mincha? Are there any early Mincha?
Also is there an 8 shachris nearby?

Most shuls have mincha maariv a little before shkia. There are some that have minha gedolah at 1:30. I think Beth el said they have not 100% sure. One day I prayed at rottenbergs yeshiva at 1:30. It’s across from where Pizman used to be.

are there any other rottenberg restaurants not in the wiki?

This link is filtered to R Rottenberg u can add wtvr supervision u want to the filter. Always check with store to confirm hours & that they are still open & that they are the hechsher listed…

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Re: Paris Master Thread
« Reply #3701 on: January 27, 2023, 01:42:00 PM »
I think Safrane (Indian food) was also Rottenberg. I'm sure there are others as well. The food scene is huge in Paris.

Very weak scene for those who won’t eat Beth din… especially in the city proper