Author Topic: $25 for referor and referee after "first" money transfer: $50 potential  (Read 829 times)

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This used to be more lucrative when they did not require you to call to verify as they've been cracking down on multiple accounts per person.  Although, I'm still creating accounts once in a while.  If you know someone in these countries, it would still be worth your while: (Click on Send Money To)

I used to send money to help out family in the Philippines multiple times a month (now only once or twice a month), and each time I would send $50 and get back 2X$25 in amazon or WM gcs.  I would send the referral email to multiple real and dummy emails, and set up separate accounts when ready to send.  Each account requires your billing info, so you could still do one for yourself, spouse, children with bank accounts or ccs, etc.  Sometimes you could open more than one if you have a long name (ie. one account with your middle name, one w/o, if you have multiple names or a suffix even better).  As long as the name is close enough to what is on your cc account or bank account it should be fine.  I had little issues.  Each account needs to be attached to a cc or bank account, so if you have multiple bank accounts and cc's, it would be perfect.  The $50 potential bonus per send is totally worth the $4.99-$6.99 service charge and the currency exchange rate.  It was the best 2 years ago when they had promo codes to waive this fee.  Oh well.  Still works for me.  Hope others benefit from this.     

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Don't send money using a cc.  It's a cash advance.