Author Topic: LookBeforeYouLive: RVing Across The Country  (Read 6731 times)

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Re: LookBeforeYouLive: RVing Across The Country
« Reply #30 on: May 24, 2016, 04:14:29 PM »
I can't even imagine going back to "regular" life after something like that!

I told my wife that after our youngest is out of the house (now 12 years old), I'm hoping for motor home to nursing home. :)

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« Reply #31 on: November 14, 2017, 09:53:35 AM »
So I don't think anyone's posted about this yet - a quick search for "sherpa" didn't turn up anything.  Anyway, I thought this might belong in the trip planning forum but couldn't figure out what thread to put it in.  I'll leave that up to the experts.

A few years ago I posted in the Alaska Master Thread about a friend who was on a year-long RV trip with his family.  It ended up being 3 years. 

A friend of mine has been RVing for the past 12 months with his family all over the western US, Canada, and Alaska.  He's also a professional photographer so he has some nice shots if you are interested in seeing them.  This link takes you to the day or two before they entered Alaska, but day 1 started in Monsey and there's a "Trip Map" page with an interactive google map so you can find any day from that map.

The reason I'm posting now is because he's opened a business running guided RV tours, and RV trip planning services for the kosher consumer.  Given the positive responses in the Alaska thread I'd guess there are some DDers who might be interested in this.  Check it out:

And here's his blog where he documented basically every RV trip he's taken in the past decade.

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