Author Topic: Mr. and Mrs. zow's Second Stamford Shabbaton TR  (Read 895 times)

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Mr. and Mrs. zow's Second Stamford Shabbaton TR
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:53:52 PM »
We just got back from our second weekend in a row at the Stamford Crowne Plaza. Love the Price Breaks!

Gotta give the CP another thumbs up. Again, we didn't ask for a special mechanical key. Instead, when we came back from davening Saturday afternoon, we just found a housekeeper, who let us in with our key card. Similarly, we went out later in the afternoon for a long walk and, upon returning, found another housekeeper who helped us. No issues.

This weekend, there was some kind of dance convention happening. There were some loud kids for a few minutes around 10 or 11 pm both nights but nothing terrible. There also was a Sheva Brochos shabbaton happening -- maybe 75 people, maybe more. We didn't crash at all, but the desserts they had out for shalosh seudas sure were tempting.

I davened at congregation Agudath Sholom, both Friday night and Saturday morning.  I liked it a lot. Very vibrant, progressive, modem orthodox. The rabbi, a yU grad afaik , gave his Dvar from the lectern that had built in microphone. The pews for men and women were at different levels-- reminded me of LSS-- but no mech itsa.   People were friendly and welcoming. Solid Kiddush: Tuna and egg sLad, crackers, cake, cookies, ice cream.

Hope this helps others. We will be on the lookout for PointsBreaks here in the future. It is a nice getaway.