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Chabad dictionary:

  • Bendel - "My bendel snapped so I can't get into my house. I'll use my old underwear to make a new one."
  • Bullshove - "I need to find a chavrusah I don't like so we don't just bullshove a whole seder."
  • Dib
  • Dish "Did you hear Mendel wore his hat and jacket into the Mikva this morning? Yea, he's so Dish." "Dish mushrooms wear bendels, but we won't talk about void farmers and zal bochurim here."
  • Farce - Did you hear that yeshiva doesn't allow bochurim to drink? Such a farce.
  • Farmer What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a farmer like my Tatty -Exgingi's son
  • Gan eden haelyon - I tried all yom kipur but Gan eden haelyon was too packed, I couldn't get in.
  • Gan eden hatachton - Let's grab some Kingston Pizza after seder, meet me outside Gan eden hatachton.
  • Gezhe "Don't you think Mendel and Sarah would make a great Shidduch? They really would, but Mende's parents would never go for someone not Gezhe"
  • Girsa - Come back to bullshove with me by iyun, I actually like girsa.
  • Hookup - At the CTeen shabbaton this week, Shluchim will show teens the hookup room in 770
  • Karkafta I'm not sure if he was Jewish, but we got the Karkafta anyway.
  • Kelishke - If your kelishke is empty on a Thursday night are you even Chabad?
  • Kvort  - How do goyim wash their kids hair in the bath without a kvort? (H/T Mendy Pellin)
  • Kvutza 
  • L'chatchila ariber
  • Magnet - Whoa! The magnet is strong in that Chabad House
  • Mashpiah - I'm not sure if I can, let me ask my Mashpiah.
  • Mechokek - I went so far on Tahalucha I got a massive Mechokek! Gold Bond was useless.
  • Mimush - OMG I can't believe you tied your shoes, I thought you were Mimush.
  • Mushroom - I bet Suite 302 would get an exterminator for all the mushroom fungus if they could.
  • Shpitz - He's so Shpitz he can shave.
  • Shvil
  • Snag - On Simchas Torah all the snags know where to come for a drink.
  • Tahalucha See Mechokek
  • Tankist
  • Teshura - "Are you here from the chosson's side or the kallah's?" "I'm just here for the teshurah"
  • Tolui b'hergesh
  • Tzfati
  • Tzugekumener - I can spot a tzugekumener a mile away.
  • Void - This whole thread is void.
  • Voidness - If you live in Crown heights you will be sucked into the voidness
  • Zal - In mesivta we had shuirum in zal, but in zal we had shuirum in classrooms.
  • Zeks un neintzigger - I don't always drink just 4, but when I do I make sure it's Zeks un neintzigger.

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Author Topic: Gezhe use a kvort as a kelishke for zekts un neintzigger, and other Chabad tales  (Read 7340 times)

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+1, for real?

Correct, others call it by the simple yiddish word, "רעש-rash".

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+1, for real?
Who else dances 7 nights, goes on tahalucha, and then 3 times hakofos..

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Re: Ask a Lubavitcher Anything
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Without the picture, how many Lubavitchers would understand what is meant here with the word טעפל and not think that it's a reference to a potty?
I've been waiting over 5 years with bated breath for someone to say that!
-- Dan