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Open Serve: Do 1 of the following:
1) Buy a temporary card. (free in cvs in NJ won’t take cc)($3.95 fee), or
2) Open online. They’ll send you a card. (free)
Note that you COULD have more than one of these: Bluebird (BB), Redcard and serve. 

Loading Serve: Serve does not have any fees to load money.
a) At CVS, 7-11, and Rite Aid ONLY CASH can be loaded.
b) At Walmart GCs …uh Debit Cards (besides Vanilla cards) can be loaded onto Serve just like onto BB. Load limit: $2500/day up to $5000/month
c) At Family Dollar max $499.99/Day, not hard coded, YMMV, Cash or Debit/Gift Card.
WARNING: There are reports of debit cards being drained at FD, and not loading onto Serve, so FD is not recommended.
d) An Amex CC of the serve cardholder can be linked and used to fund your Serve ONLINE. Load limit: $200 per day/$1000 per month
Amex cc loads are not considered cash advance. They DO NOT earn points, or count towards a spending threshold.
e) Debit Cards linked to Serve: $200/day up to 1000/month ONLINE.  But only a permanent DC with your name on it. (NOT GCs)

So your total loading limit per month, if using all 3 methods is $7K.

-Serve has a $1 monthly inactivity fee (waived in VA, NY and TX) that is waived if you use Direct Deposit OR add $500.
-If Serve has a bonus for using direct deposit, use AP.

Using the funds on Serve:
-Free ATM use/withdrawal at MoneyPass ATMs. $2 elsewhere.
-Serve has a Bill Pay feature – same as BB.  You tell them who to pay, and they send a check for you.  You can pay up to 5k of unregistered billers, but 10K of registered ones (registered= those on their bill pay list). Pay your Credit Cards bills as well as many other bills or any person!
WARNING: Do not use the bill pay feature to pay the Credit Card that is linked for online loads.
-money in your Serve account can be withdrawn directly to a linked bank account, which, if done too much, may be seen as risky by Serve, but in moderation should be fine.
Withdraw to your bank

Make sure the name, address and phone number on your profile match your credit card billing address, or you may get declined.  When linking your credit card at, the website will only show you the address on your profile, but not the phone number, so this is easy to overlook.  Go to profile, and check/update your phone number there.

Error likely with the Serve account:
When you create a new account and add a credit card, you will be allowed to do the first transaction. After that, your account will probably go into system lockdown until you verify some information. Likely error message for this case is "Risk declined operation" when you try to add money on to the account. You will need to send in (online, fax or mail) a photo ID and a copy of your credit card or statement. Upload your documents here - Then Call up AMEX Account Protection Services at 1-800-555-4318 and tell them you uploaded the documents and ask them to verify it for you.
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Author Topic: Amexserve/Softcard  (Read 958997 times)

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Re: Amexserve/Softcard
« Reply #7140 on: May 21, 2019, 06:44:41 PM »
Same here. 2 BBs just got shut. Had high activity last few months.

What’s the strategy to consolidate now? MOs? Annoying.

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Re: Amexserve/Softcard
« Reply #7141 on: May 21, 2019, 06:45:37 PM »
2 bluebirds just got shut down for suspicious activity??

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Re: Amexserve/Softcard
« Reply #7142 on: May 21, 2019, 07:24:01 PM »
Looks like they revived the shutdown sweep algorithm. Sigh. Now I have to search out where to get MOs.

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Re: Amexserve/Softcard
« Reply #7143 on: May 21, 2019, 10:52:23 PM »
2 bluebirds just got shut down for suspicious activity??
There is a wave now. Many peeps got shut down
Life is as good as you make it...

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Re: Amexserve/Softcard
« Reply #7144 on: July 08, 2019, 10:38:27 PM »
if i understand correctly you can only earn points on 5 k per month?