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hatzolas nefashos
« on: July 26, 2016, 11:49:02 PM »
wife got this email
Please forward to as many people as you can, in any country. One never knows who may have this medication at hand……
 Shalom. My name is Esther Caplin, from Neve Daniel, Israel.
After a year of treatments for stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to my liver, my oncologist decided to put me on Ibrance (with Faslodex) providing me with a free 3-month supply of Ibrance that he had obtained from a former patient.
Unfortunately, Ibrance is not one of the cancer drugs supplied on the health plan in Israel and my oncologist hoped to use the three month period to assess its effectiveness on me and to try to acquire more of the drug from Pfizer on compassionate grounds.
While the Ibrance has succeeded in halting the spread of the cancer, the request to Pfizer did not work out. As buying the drug was not a viable option, I began a search in my support group (Inspire) for women who were once on Ibrance and since moved to a different treatment, the idea being that some people have Ibrance that is no longer being used. I was successful so far in obtaining enough pills for two more months of treatment.
I am asking you to please spread the word – if you know anyone who was once on Ibrance and wishes to donate her left-over Ibrance pills, please contact me at
As I see it, the unused medicine eventually will be thrown out, but for me, every 21 pills means another month of life.
Thank you so much for passing this on to whomever you think may be able to help me.
In appreciation,
Esther Caplin
972-52-428-6315 (my husband Shane)