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Try calling amex, many people have been offered 50k for $10k spend when upgrading

25K bonus sign up link
Alternative 30K bonus sign up link DEAD
(Go Incognito if the link does not work for you.) Sometimes you have to go thru the entering cc info route, bec. the user id route doesn't work sometimes.

New link -

Q: It's been a few days since I applied and the changes haven't taken effect yet , should I worry?
A: No. That's perfectly normal.

Q: I'm in my first year of my gold card, will I be charged the AF when I downgrade back?
Yes you will

The cheshbon is that you upgrade, get the points, buy the AA GC's do the Platinum Guy's Great Mehalech, then downgrade back or close and get the Annual Fee of the Plat reimbursed. If cancelled within 60 days you get it all back; if more than 60 days it is prorated.

Author Topic: Upgrade From AMEX Business Gold To Business Platinum And Get 25K MR!  (Read 483036 times)

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Re: Upgrade From AMEX Business Gold To Business Platinum And Get 25K MR!
« Reply #2740 on: August 16, 2022, 02:50:29 PM »
This thread seems to be dead for a while. I just upgraded online from biz gold to biz Plat. Was targeted for a 140k upgrade offer. However online it still says gold.

Anyway to expedite the process and get Plat right away?

While it's still showing gold but I already applied for the upgrade can I book business class with Amex travel and still get the 35% back?
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