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Two days in Boston
« on: August 25, 2016, 10:13:14 PM »
I'm no writer but i will write a short trip report. Me and wife went on a trip to Boston for jetblue promo. I figured once I'm paying for tickets may as well go on a trip. So we left my kids by my parents for 2 days and had an amazing time. When we got to Boston we took the Logan back bay express shuttle which costs $7.50 a person and if you have a Charlie card (boston thing which you can get free at the subway station) then its $3. That took us to our hotel. We stayed by the Sheraton Boston which we booked with our last remaining spg points. It's a nice hotel. There is a huge mall attached to the hotel. We didn't really make use of it. They have a nice pool and fitness room. I'm not a great writer so bear with me. Anyhow we woke up in the morning and decided to buy this goboston card which is something I would highly recommend. There are a few options to choose from. We did pay $54 and choose from many attractions to do in one day. First we picked up bikes which were included in this. It was a really good idea, instead of walking all over. They gave us a lock so wherever we went we just locked up our bikes. We road around town just for fun. Then we headed over to the museum of science which was also included in this package but we didn't really have so much interest so we left. Then we bought some food at a grocery and ate lunch. Then we road our bikes to the aquarium which was also included in the package. It was nice aquarium and pretty crowded. Then we took a cruise on the uss constitution cruise which was also included in this package. It was just a nice calm ride in the harbor. Then after that we headed back to return our bikes and we took the subway back to the hotel. By the way the subway is deffinetly the way to go. It's very convenient and parking is very expensive so I just bought a day pass for the subway which was $12. We then headed to brookline for supper at taam china. Nu Nu its pretty crammed in there and we sat by the table by the register counter but they don't serve a lot of food and nothing comes with the main dish. No rice and veggies. Very out of town. But the szechuan crispy chicken was very good. Thats it for day one basically. The next day we were so wiped out from biking the whole day but we couldn't miss the Sam Adams tour so we went and I drank(not dw) tons of octoberfest and that was basically my trip. Short and sweet.
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